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Yesterday was non-stop, from 8:15 to 6:15, with only about a 15 minute break for lunch. One thing after the other, ending with the (hopefully) final inventory migration file creation and sending to the project guys. I got flamed by another one of the project guys, who is still in Switzerland for another few days, so I couldn't walk down the hall and see just what the hell was up his butt. The funny (strange, not particularly ha-ha funny) thing about the flame was that he sent it to my boss, his own boss, and three of the big wigs, but FORGOT to send it to me! Only way I knew about it was because MY boss forwarded it to me, and asked, what is he talking about?? Thanks for that flame, Oliver. Ass-hat.

But it's all ok now, BossLady has had her own difficulties with him in the past, and she is totally on my side. Even if she has been out sick with the flu all freakin' week. Way to go, BossLady. Let's see, how many things is she missing out on being here for? 1. SAP final countdown. 2. End of the year. 3. Inventory auditors here. 4. Regular auditors here. 5. Month-end.

So yeah, way to go, BossLady. Timed that just perfectly, didn't you? Although yesterday, she was working at home, and I did talk to her on the phone, after the flaming email. HER boss called her, at home, after that, and apologized for Oliver's email, and told her that he'd already been "spoken to". I think he is not held in the highest regard by the other members of the team. He's pretty new, like 4 months or so with the company. Perhaps not long after our project goes live successfully, he won't be with the company anymore. Just guessing.

Doesn't look like MT is going to get here next week, the money is flowing north from MO instead of south, but he's still looking, so we shall see. Disappointing, yes, but I never get my hopes up till he actually tells me that he's on his way for sure. Over the last almost 11 years, I've learned that he'll be there when he gets there, and when he leaves, he'll always be back, eventually.

So, shower time, and another day. Hopefully it will be a little less intense than yesterday, but I'm not getting my hopes up on that either. :)

6:35 a.m. - 2005-01-07


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