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Today was a GOOD day in the world of SAP at my company. At least for me, and those around me, mostly. I don't know about the people at the other end of the building, but I didn't hear anything crashing or burning, and I would have, I think. I spent most of the day investigating existing queries and the tables they were based on, and making a list of all the tables that I found, what was in them, what kind of data (customer data, material data, like that). Basically familiarizing myself with the tables, in anticipation of creating reports from them to replace the reports from the old accounting/service software packages. It'll be very cool to have both accounting AND service in the same software, and not have to do separate things for each.

I am SUCH a geek. :)

And of course I had to show BossLady the report that I created joining not two, not three, but FOUR tables. BossLady used to be as much of a geek as I am, except then I came along, and she got promoted, so now she just relies (completely!) on me for reporting goddess-ness.

Tomorrow, when my Alcolyte is there (she wasn't at work today) I will also have to show her, and SHE will prostrate herself at my feet in awe. And then she'll want me to show her how it's done. Of course, I'll have to get her access from SAPGirl. Shouldn't be a problem though, there's a reporting tool that allows you to create reports but you don't have to share them out.

And it's just a reporting tool, no possibility of changing any data. No going "behind-the-scenes" like before, in the old accounting system, and the old service software. Which is good, because that means we have to do things the RIGHT way, not just the way to get it done and get results. No kludging the system to make it do things it wasn't supposed to do. SAP is WAY huger than we need, so it should be able to do ANYthing we want it to. And beg for more. ;)

And on a non-related subject, MT messaged me from the SHIP today, we actually conversated in realtime, which was really nice. He'll be back in the States on Sunday sometime, which will be a happy thing. Will make me a happy grrrl. :)

8:04 p.m. - 2005-01-20


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