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monday again???

Ummmmmm...... what's going on with me? Nothin' much. I had a LOVELY weekend doing NOTHING much except reading. I finished one book, started and finished another book, and started a 3rd book. Also, a nap was had. And I replaced my hard drive with minimal assistance from D. Mostly moral support, actually. Because he did something to his back, and he couldn't be bending and stuff, I did all that. RMA'd the drive that was dying (under warranty... yay!!!) and put his old 160 into my computer. When the replacement 160 comes, I'll replace my 60 with it.

Today, a slowish day at work, a bit frustrating looking for tables and such, but a little better in the afternoon. Also, BossLady is taking me and JG (and nobody else.... heh!) to lunch tomorrow to thank us for all the hard work with the SAP rollout.

And, my Daddy is home now.... yay!!!! He's actually on his way to load his next delivery in the morning, and will be on the road again after that. Unfortunately, he's not coming THIS way, but oh well. At least he's in this country! :) And back on the COMPUTER!!!!! Double-yay!!

Chatted with 8GB (8th grade boyfriend) some last week sometime (Friday maybe? I forget) which was nice, we rarely end up online at the same time. That whole time zone thing. Anyway.... that was nice.

We had freezing rain/sleet on Saturday mid-day, which is why I went to the store first thing Saturday morning, and then didn't leave the house again till Sunday morning, and that was just to move the car to the sunny side of the house, so the ice would eventually melt off it, and I wouldn't have to scrape it. Which it did, and I didn't. Smart, huh? :)

Other than that, it's cold. But not snowy like some places, so I'm not complaining (much).

8:03 p.m. - 2005-01-24


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