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Ok, this has been a surprisingly wonderful day. Why? you ask. Well, I'll tell you why.

Got taken out to lunch today by BossLady with JG, ostensibly to thank us for our hard work with the SAP rollout. So, we're sitting there eating, and my cellphone rings. It's D. He says, you're not going back to work this afternoon. Um, excuse me? I'm not. No, you're going to the spa, for an 80 minute massage and a facial, and then you're going home, or maybe to Barnes & Noble, but NOT back to work. It's all arranged and paid for.

I was stunned. Happily floored.

He'd been conspiring with BossLady and JG for a WEEK, after the day that I came home from work totally wiped out.

After we finished lunch, BossLady and JG went back to work, and I went across the street to the spa. Had a wonderful (was that 80 minutes already??) massage, head to toes (she even massaged my EARS!!!), front and back. Found all the sore tense spots (shoulders and lower back and butt) (apparently I've been storing up stress all OVER my body). Lovely.

Then, a rest, sat in the sauna for a couple minutes, then in the steam room for a few minutes, then sat in the lounge and rested until Mabel, the facial lady came and got me. Also lovely, although I'm not sure I really liked the AHA, alpha-hydroxy acid (or whatever it's called). However, I did buy some product (of course): a facial cleanser and an exfoliator. Those 2, plus the AHA treatment..... $62. D told me later that the massage and facial were $175.

Thud. Faint.

I just have to keep telling myself.... I'm worth it! I'm worth it! I'm worth it.

Also, got my hair colored and trimmed tonight, which was good, also relaxing, and picked up some shampoo and "hair reconstructor" at the drugstore on her recommendation.

So it's been an "all about me" kind of day.

8:52 p.m. - 2005-01-25


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