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OK, so the whole tax thing.... really sucks. No refund this year, in fact we owe money, although not as much as last year, so that's good. Also, here's what's really unfair. D gets money from clients, which goes directly into his pocket. No tax is withheld on that money, it's self-employment income. However, does he (in times past) hold any out for payment of said taxes? No he does not. He buys stuff for himself, and for NS, and for me. However, when tax time comes, and the taxes are due to be paid on that money, does he have any of it left to pay the taxes? No he does not. So the income goes into his pocket, and the taxes come out of 'our' pocket.

Next year, it will be different. When income is received, approximately 35% will be held back for taxes. Thus spake the Chancellor of the Exchequer. That would be me.

Also, I needed to borrow $300 from NS's savings account at Paypal to make it to payday this time. Also sucky. I hate not having enough money. I believe I may have mentioned that before once or twice. Or maybe a hundred times.

Work is going well. I am learning my way around SAP, much faster than anyone else. No real surprise there.

This past Monday, I think it was, BossLady made an announcement: she's leaving. She's had enough and she's ready for a change. She's going to take a couple months to relax and wind down before she looks for something else. Helps that her hubby works for Cisco and probably makes a boatload of money, not to mention stock options.

However, her leaving means that she's willed/bequeathed me to another manager. Apparently, in all the rest of our company's regional organizations, the local Data Manager (that would be me) is part of Operations, NOT part of the IT dept. Thank you!!! Apparently, the suggestion was made in a discussion of managers, that I should report to DA, our Network Manager.

2 seconds passed, and then it was unanimously agreed that no, that would NEVER work, "she would quit immediately". Um, yeah. That's about right. Me, reporting to DA? DA=DumbAss? No. I don't suffer fools. And I'm not the only one who doesn't suffer THAT particular fool.

So anyway, I now report to our Director of Operations, who is a pretty cool guy, and I have worked with him quite a bit, and we get along just fine, and I think it'll work. Of course, now that I think of it, all 4 of the managers would be ok. I get along fine with all of them, in fact, I get along fine with just about everyone..... yes, even DA. So far as HE knows anyway.

My face, post facial, is pretty much back to normal. That AHA facial peel was ROUGH. But I've been using the product I bought, as well as the Noxema, all instead of the soap, and that's probably an improvement.

I'm sitting here stretched out on my big chair, and PCat is sleeping next to me. Right now, her feet and whiskers are all twitchy, and she's muttering in her sleep. Wonder what she's dreaming about. So I reach over and pet her, and she stops twitching, and heaves a big sigh, and goes back to sleep. And MCat is asleep over in the big box on the blanket that's in the big box. I hear her bathing once in a while when she wakes up.

I've been reading the 163x series by Eric Flint and David Weber. It's pretty interesting, although 1633, the 2nd in the series, is a bit heavy slogging through the politics and wars and stuff at times. However, I -am- learning stuff that I didn't know before, so that's good. Not sure how much of it I'm going to retain, but more than I had before. It's set in Germany in the time of the Thirty Years' War, in particular in 1632, 1633 and 1634. A small town in West Virginia, Grantville, is somehow transported back to Germany in that time frame, along with everything physical that was in Grantville in the 1990's sometime. So lots of technology and knowledge came back to Germany in 1632. Interesting concept. Alternative history and such. Because one of the things that was in Grantville was, of course, a high school. With, of course, a library. With, of course, HISTORY books. Or at least, how history WAS in that universe. Now that those books are back in the 1630's, the future will be different from the books.

So, that's what's up with me. What's up with you?

6:58 p.m. - 2005-02-05


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