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I'm using my very own Laptopdesk which is lovely. I don't have to worry about my lap or the computer getting too hot. You can go to to get one of your own.

I put up a bunch of banners last night, because I renewed my supergold membership, so I have 6 banners running right now. A couple of them need some explaining. And since thousands of people (ok, tens of people) are coming here, I will do the explaining right now.

If you clicked on the one that said, Our Love's in Jeopardy, hoping for a failing marriage or some relationship, well, I hate to disappoint, but it's not really. That particular song just happened to be in my head at the time. Actually, my marriage to D is pretty much the same as it has ever been. Stable. Comfortable. Unexciting. Dependable.

I don't currently have a girlfriend, and honestly? I don't feel a lack because of it. I could use a kissing buddy like I used to have with BD, but there's nobody in my life, right now, close by, that qualifies.

Volunteers are welcome to apply. :)

If you clicked on the banner that mentioned Vacations, Books, Computers and Not Having to Work..... 2 out of 4 ain't bad, right? I have tons of books, and we have multiple computers in this house. 7 currently. For 2 people, 2 cats and a dog. One of those computers, an HP Pavilion, will be for sale in the not too distant future, for cheap. Probably around $300. Email me if you're interested in it.

I -wish- that there were vacations and not having to work, but there's not. Not right now anyway. Although it's more likely to be a vacation than the other.

Are you watching Jeopardy? It's the return of all the champions from the past 16+ years, all hoping to make their way to the finals so they can be soundly beaten by The Jeopardy God, Ken Jennings. Did I mention that D was on Jeopardy last year? He was. He came in 3rd in his game. I went out to California with him, as did his mom and brother and a friend of ours. We had a great time, at the taping of the show, and then the next day at Universal Studios, riding rides and stuff.

Right now, he's downstairs watching the Duke Game on the phone with his other wife who lives in Ohio. She doesn't get the game there, so they listen to it on the radio, on the phone. Free long distance. Gotta love it.

Oh, other wife, you ask? Yes. That's NS. College girlfriend, mother of their 17 year old son. She and her other son will be moving down here this coming summer, after TheBoy (their son) graduates from high school and/or turns 18. It's very possible he won't graduate, because he's lazy and gets bad grades. However, he does have a job now (Pizza Hut) so that's something. We all know he's smart, because he gets As in Latin, but we also know he's lazy, because he gets Ds and/or Fs in everything else. It's too bad really. He could do a lot better.

My job..... has calmed down considerably now that we're live on SAP as of January. It's actually going fairly well, although every department has had their own version of hell during the course of the first 6 weeks. Mine happened before the go-live, since I, as the local data manager, was responsible for providing the input files for migration to the new system. Then there was a relative lull, and now the pressure is starting up again, because the sales managers are just now realizing that they haven't been getting any reports from me since the end of December, and they're starting to think about commissions and such. So I've been digging around, looking at things, reports, queries, different stuff. I did find the data dictionary which was a MAJOR find, and also some pre-existing infosets, which will be very helpful, once I learn how to write queries myself. I will be teaching myself all that, because the training class for Query isn't until April 14. And there's no WAY that people are going to wait till May to get any information out of the system. So, dammit, once again, I will be self-taught.

I'm also wondering just how I will be rewarded for all my efforts with the go-live. I was looking over my performance evaluation from last year, and noticed that I had completed several of the goals on there. These were goals which were to be related to bonuses, I think. So we shall see. I never count on a bonus till I see it in my paycheck. Which is good, because last year, even though my boss told me how much she was giving me, she didn't say that I would only get about 65% of it because of taxes. Which really sucked. But oh well. Better than not getting anything at all, right?

And now? I think I'll go read one of my many books. I'm going to start 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood. And snuggle under the down blanket here in my reading room with the cat.

7:48 p.m. - 2005-02-20


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