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a new banner, a fun time and a huge server

Let me just say, PINK Rocks when it comes to banner skills! She made me this:

and I have submitted it to run as my banner. Along with the other one that I did a while back, which got the most hits last time I submitted banners:

Paula Poundstone last night was SOOOO funny. She went for almost 2 and a half hours without a break. She forgot to take an intermission, she just couldn't stop talking. She said she has OCD wherein she just can't shut up. She's managed to turn that into a job and a career, so that's good for her. And for us. She was so funny. And then we got to go backstage to meet her. It was a very small meet-n-greet, maybe 20 people all together. Very cool. When I get the pics from C that we took with her digital camera, I will post them.

My weekend plans include laundry, lunch, reading, possible nap, small grocery run, clipping dog and cat nails, clipping my own nails, helping D with his new GINORMOUS server that he got for FREE from DA. How that happened is, we consolidated a couple servers, and moved some apps out and retired some other apps, and, in a server room cleaning frenzy, DA had about 5 servers to get rid of. He offered one of them to D. The biggest baddest heaviest one of them all. 6 hard drives (RAID-5 drive array and a boot drive), 3 powersupplies, 2gb ram, and about a pound of dust inside the box. We need to vacuum out the dust, and wipe the hard drives before he can do anything with it. I don't know what he's planning on doing with it, but he got a big computer-hard-on when I brought it home. It weighs about 80 lbs!

Anyway, I think now I'm going to go figure out about lunch, and do some other stuff. More later, if anything interesting happens. Or, even if it doesn't. :)

11:36 a.m. - 2005-03-05


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