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Happy Labour Day!

So, another Monday. Got some data stuff to look forward to today at work, and last Friday I got Crystal Reports (I <3 Crystal Reports (how teenage girly is THAT?)) hooked up to the tax software thingy, which is ONE step towards getting it hooked up to SAP (my ultimate goal), so that's good. Yes, I'm a geek.

So maybe the green banner isn't all that original, but so what? The green is pretty, and the sentiment is true. But people are clicking on it, and that's really the whole point, right? I think a lot of people are putting up banners these days, and a LOT of them are a hell of a lot more original than mine, different, etc. But so what? Part of my differentness is that I am what I am, and if that's less original than you, then oh well. As the other banner says, Deal With It. :)

There's a bird outside my window who has a LOT of things to say, and he is saying them over and over and over, with little variation. You'd think the other birds would say, all RIGHT, already, just shut UP about it, we GET it. But apparently repetition is the birdy way. Glad I'm not a bird. Somebody would get smacked. And then I'd probably get kicked out of the birdy union. Or club. Or whatever organization they have. Flock, I suppose.

At the show on Friday night, one of the girls from my ex-therapy-group was sitting at the end of the same row we were in, so I went down and chatted with her for a bit. She's still going, and she said, she's not sure why. I got her email address and emailed her over the weekend, just so she'd have mine, and we could keep in touch. She's doing well. She told me that twice, since I left the group in April, there have been people who joined, and then left after 2 weeks!!! Twice!!! Doesn't say much for Ricki, does it? (Ricki being the therapist).

Let's see, what else? Happy Labour Day, if you're in WA Australia. It says that on my page-a-day Mensa Puzzle Calendar, I didn't just know it. There's lots of trivia in my head, but Australian holidays is not part of what I keep. New Zealand now, that's different. Waitangi Day, Feb. 6th, I believe.

Ok, I'm reaching here, so I'll just quit for this morning. Perhaps something scintillating will happen at work today. Hey, ya never know. It could happen!

6:28 a.m. - 2005-03-07


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