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Weetacon '05 (and I wasn't even there)

After reading all the entries I could find about the Weetacon, it makes me wish I'd been able to afford to go, but also glad that I couldn't, because I don't think I'm up to it! Too old, and requiring too much sleep. :)

But it was really cool to read about the people I'd met at JournalCon in Austin in 2003, and imagine what it must have been like to be at Weetacon '05. Of course, the inimitable Weetabix, the lovely Mare, the sexy TranceJen, the cute BienSoul (Jessi), they are the ones that come immediately to mind. And the Bad Bar sounds like SO much fun.

But TranceJen really summed it up for me, the whole experience, every time I've gone to a con like this, or a gathering of people from all over the country/continent who have similar interests, or share some characteristic (married lesbians, for example, or web-writers), the experience is like this:

I'm like, Yeah, this is it, this is how it should be, because these are my friends, the people that know me, the people that love me - these people hug me and I don't want to let go, I don't want it to be Sunday, ever, because these weekends are so few and far-between that I cry a little when I get home.

Yeah. What she said.

8:49 p.m. - 2005-03-08


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