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Wednesday update

Guess what? I write more when there's stuff going on in my life!!! Who knew? ;)

Got an answer back from SD which went as follows:

You should know I appreciate the courage on your part to initiate this conversation, and as I said, Iím very relieved it wasnít that you were thinking about leaving work. Weíve worked well together and youíre one of the people there I enjoy working with and know I can depend on. Unfortunately, thatís also the part I canít get around.

While flattered you would consider me as someone to explore this part of your life with, I think thereís too much risk of damaging our working relationship. As I mentioned, I also think Iím unable to compartmentalize this type of activity, as you or others may be able to do, and to further complicate things, Iím hopeful that one of the women Iíve been seeing recently is that someone special Iíve been looking for.

Anyway, thanks for talking with me about this. There was no harm in that. I hope you understand, and that you find what will make you happy.


So that was fine. We decided via email that we would do lunch occasionally and update each other on our respective searches.

I've been chatting today with a guy who lives in Austin but comes to my area every couple weeks for a few days. He sounds interesting, it's just unfortunate he's not local. I don't really need another non-local, but at least he gets here more often than MT does. So that's a slight possibility.

The D/s couple I mentioned earlier today is looking for a longterm relationship, so that's out. One of the women, I haven't heard from, but DommeVivaine emailed me back, and sounded VERY interested in me, so that's a definite possibility. Neither of the two men I emailed have emailed me back.

And with that, I'm going to go watch Lost in 4 minutes.

7:46 p.m. - 2005-04-06


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