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Yay Toast!!!

I think this is going to be good. Got this from RF (previously referred to as OldStyleDom or R in yesterday's entry) this morning:

Hello pretty one,
... or should I say luscious one?
I had thought that we would chat before this so I had not responded to this email, but seeing as we had not I will write a quick note to you and hope that we can chat online soon.
I will be here on and off over the weekend, I have a horse show in [othercity] and work to do in my studio for Monday. My weeks are usually busy with work, but flexible in time, but this past week has been out of the ordinary.

Ok, I am 6'1", have longish auburn hair, medium build and piercing grey eyes. I am 46 and look somewhat in my late 30s (this is others, I think I look terribly old) I am a sound engineer and own my own business, that is slowly growing to something special. I specialize in doing soundtracks for SciFi, Fantasy and Horror productions. Do I look like a goth freak? ... no. I look like Richie Cunningham acting out.

I am married also, but not in the same situation as you are. It is hard to explain in writing, it would read more like a novel and given my true hate of typing ( I must be interested, I have typed this much for you), I just won;t do it. It is interesting however if we get to the next stage it is good coffee conversation. I have two wonderful kids that are everything to me, my whole world.

I have dungeon space in north [city] near [the mall] that I use for play, it can be fun.

you have read much about me in my profile, and I hope that this has helped as far as me personally. We can exchange pictures if you wish, or wait to meet at a safe place where we can look into each others eyes to see if there is attraction ... or fear.

I believe that any D/s type relationship has to be based on a certain amount of caring, a certain amount of fear (the good kind), and for me at least (this may explain part of the Old Guard thing for you) is class, consideration and common sense. To me, a girl is a precious object for one to have, playing with, and to help grow inside herself. I am not one of those selfish ones that say they are Doms and are more interested in rough sex, and someone to "fetch them a beer". I would sooner spend the time, and have a girl that I am terribly proud of, a perfect pet. :)

Now, I have said that I hate typing, and this is quite enough for me. Message me online if you see me and we can chat further, or we can just keep doing it this way for a time.
I look forward to hearing back from you pretty one.

P.S. If you do show these to your husband, and wish him to meet me .... I am all for that, for the few times that I actually meet anyone I prefer to have them bring a friend or have a check in system for safety. It is a good habit to be in .. there are a lot of freaks out there.

So then I emailed him a picture of me, and got this back:

Good girl,
I am off right now to [othercity] and will be back tonight, I will find you a picture then.
Have a most wonderful day.

Have I ever mentioned how much I -LOVE- to be told I'm a good girl? No? I do. A lot.

I chatted with D's ex-subbie B for a while this morning, asked her what she thinks of RF's profile and the emails that he's sent me. She was quite impressed and thought he sounded wonderful.

I'm trying not to get too hopeful and optimistic. I'm not cutting off discussions with other people either, I chatted with a girl who lives 1.5 hrs away from me this morning, and another guy who lives on the coast (not really a prospect though - too far).

I did tell another guy this morning that honesty was pretty important to me, after he told me that his livein gf didn't know he was looking. So when he asked me, so, does that mean you don't want to talk anymore? I let my silence be my response. I'm not sure he got it though, because he did message me again later this afternoon. Same response from me.... none.

Other than that..... not a lot today. Went to the grocery store (twice), read for a while, did laundry, cleaned up cat throwup (6 times) and restored a computer image back to a client's computer because it had seventy billion viruses on it. Kids, and no firewall. Oh, and epilady'ed my legs out on the deck. Yay for spring!!!

7:01 p.m. - 2005-04-09


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