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nice sunday

I'm trying not to get too optimistic about RF, but it's really hard. We had a nice chat this morning, and I finally got to see a picture of him. He's quite good looking, although not WOW, but more like, hey, he looks like a nice guy. While we were chatting, I had the picture open, and it was almost like we were in person. Here's a few (really, just a FEW!) snippets from our chat. All him, except the lines marked (me), which is me:

hello pretty one, now I can actually say pretty one ... you are.
well, then we both like each other so far
do you taste as good as you look?
I prefer good and well behaved, I am big on that ......
if you want to be punished, ask .. do not act out too much
(me) I'd be more likely to kneel at your feet and rest my head on your knee and look up at you with a twinkle in my eye......
that is appropriate .... and very nice actually
or crawl naked into my lap
(me) because I like the way this is going.
I do also pretty one, this is the first in a while that I have anticipation about
we can chat later on .. then I can grin again like I am now

I showed B the picture, she thought he was handsome (she's partial to red-heads, she said). He's more auburn than right-out-red though.

Anyway, there ya go.

In other news, we got new lights in both upstairs bathrooms today, and a new bathroom fan, and the screen door on the deck fixed. The guy who built said deck came over (he's a master carpenter) and installed everything. All that for under $200. Woot!

Also, in anticipation of NS moving down here in June, we bought a
kitchen island kit. Because she cooks and our counter space is somewhat limited. I want to give her total freedom in the kitchen. :) This was also purchased with part of the bonus. We were discussing what we should name the island, and it was decided that, since it was my bonus that bought it, we should name it after me. Also, since I bought it, I couldn't be voted off, and, since NS is the cook, SHE couldn't be voted off. And we both turned to look at D (in a chat window)..... he said, I'm not liking the sound of this! :) So we decided that since he is the provider of scritches and crackin's, that he could stay too. We'll just vote the cats off the island if they get up there. Which I'm sure they will. Being cats and all. MCat anyway, I don't think PCat could jump up on the counter anymore. She's too fat. But I love her anyway. :)

3:44 p.m. - 2005-04-10


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