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From the Left Coast, to you!

I'm in California, do I sound any different? Closer? Farther away? :) Yesterday was a longish day, flew from NC to Dallas to San Francisco. But I read the entirety of Fried Green Tomatoes, and finished another book that I'd brought that I was close to the end of. I should register that one and release it here in the room when I leave. Anyway, I have one more that I brought, and another one that I picked up off a chair in the airport here. Just in case.

Somewhat of a clusterfuck in my first room last night, after I plugged in my computer and got online, the phone kept going directly to voicemail. Even after I unplugged my computer from the DSL line. Anyway, I was annoyed, so they moved me from a regular room to a suite, gave me a coupon for a free breakfast, and comped me one night. Oh, and the suite is at the same rate as the regular room. Woo!

Class today from 9 to 5. Tomorrow too. Dinner tonight with a guy I met at Journalcon 2003, Frank, at 6:30. Sightseeing Saturday with Nora, a co-worker at our San Jose office, and cool lady.

I got a chance to chat for a couple minutes with RF this morning. :) Which was nice. I actually got on a public terminal yesterday and logged on to c0llarme dot com and sent him an email from there just to let him know I was thinking about him. And I did that a lot yesterday, while I was reading and waiting and flying and stuff.

I've gotten a few more inquiries at c0llarme, and I have read all their profiles, and they all sounded interesting, but I responded to them saying that I was corresponding with another Dominant, and was hopeful that would work out, but if it didn't, could I contact them again? Got one response already wishing me luck and saying of course. So that was nice.

Well, time to get rolling.....

8:04 a.m. - 2005-04-14


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