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Wonderful! That's what yesterday was. Class is GREAT, I'm learning SO much cool stuff, I can't wait to get back and play with all of the new toys I'm learning. And dinner last night with Friend was great too. We went to a Japanese place close by, and it was delicious, and he made all the decisions about what to order, and I tried sushi for the first time, and we talked about both of our lives and what's going on in them. He's a gay Daddy in a poly relationship, so he's got just about as much going on as I do in my life. I told him all about RF, and he thought he sounded promising. :)

I was going to have lunch with him today but I'm thinking I shouldn't, I need to not miss any of the class info, plus the networking opps at lunch are huge with classmates. I'm going to call him in a little bit and tell him I'm cancelling our lunch date. But maybe we can have dinner again or something. It was so much fun!

I got to chat with RF a little bit online this morning, and got a nice email from him too, which I have already answered, being the good girl that I am. I hope we get to meet in person soon, like, sometime next week would be wonderful. If I have to wait till next weekend, I might be able to, but not much longer than that!!!

I should go take a shower now, so I am presentable to go get breakfast, and then call Frank. I'll probably go over to the classroom early so I can do the exercises which I didn't do yesterday. :)

Happy Friday!

6:42 a.m. - 2005-04-15


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