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Saturday morning

So, class is done, and it was great. I learned SO much. Last night, I didn't do much, just chatted online with LB, B and MT. Talked with D on the phone. And with MT at bedtime. Which was yummy. At which time I discovered that I had brought the WRONG vibrator!!! Duh me. I brought the old, loud, yukky one, instead of the new, quiet, strong one. However, I did manage to persevere. ;)

N, the coworker from San Jose, called me and I called her back, and we made plans. She and her friend? boyfriend? SO? boss? I don't know who he is, exactly. Anyway, they're coming to pick me up at 10:30, and take me sightseeing in San Francisco. Cool beans.

I chatted with RF this morning, which I hadn't gotten to do yesterday at all. So that was really nice. And he gave me an assignment: tell me of a meeting between us, and how it would go ..... if we met for a drink, then went to your hotel room for the eve .....and you had any toys there that you could possibly want. He told me he would look for it tomorrow morning, but since I had time this morning, before N picks me up, I wrote it now. 1500 words. 3 pages. I hope he enjoys reading it.

9:03 a.m. - 2005-04-16


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