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All righty then. Nothing new to report, really. The relationship with RF hasn't progressed any since last we spoke, we don't connect online very often, our schedules are different, and he's real busy with his business and projects and stuff. We did have a nice time on Monday though. :)

I was chatting with him last night, and told him about LB, the coastal guy, as well as MT. He gave me a new rule, number seven, that I shouldn't chat or email with any other Doms without his prior knowledge and approval. I'm not sure if he now has knowledge because I've told him about them, or what. But he hasn't told me NOT to chat with them.

Anyway, I haven't committed to him yet. Not officially anyway. Although I do call him Sir, which is rule number 1, he is always Sir.

So, while I'm writing this, I'm chatting with LB, and he asks me, in yahoo chat, "so, what limits would you like challenged?"

I said, "I don't know, and that's not a "right-before-bedtime-in-chat" kind of question. That's an "email-give-me-time-to-think-about-it" kind of question. I don't have a list or anything."

Sheesh. He's very earnest, and sweet, but he's coming on SO strong, it's beginning to bug me some. Not only that, but he's 3 hours away. Remember I said I wanted someone close by? Yeah. He's not that. I can have a LD rel'ship with MT, that's not what I wanted.

But I'm worried, a little bit, that RF and I aren't connecting so well. I know he's busy, but the lack of communication isn't helping my peace of mind. I want to know when D's going to get to meet him, because until that happens, we won't be able to get together to play, which is what I REALLY want. REALLY REALLY want that. He's got a friend who has a dungeon who said it's available whenever he wants to use it.

And scheduling is going to be tough too. His wife doesn't know about any of this. His daughter and son don't either. He has a show to go to on Saturday, and he's leaving town for a few days next week sometime.

Just chatted with BOTH of them, RF and LB..... RF had one interesting comment: "just a thought .... but if he can do his errrrrr poligamy thing in the house ..... shuldn't you be able to errrrrrr .. ummmm ..... be able to be manhandled in your room? :)"

Now THERE's a concept to think about. That would alleviate a lot of scheduling problems. Although there will be a child in the house too.... so we'd have to be sort of quiet. Anyway.... things to think about.

9:03 p.m. - 2005-04-20


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