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So, I've been thinking, and asking people whose opinions I trust, what to think about RF's having issues with my current and future living situation, and his being hesitant to begin a relationship with me because of it. So far, the three people that I"ve talked to have responded with some variation on a theme. It's none of his business. If I'm ok with it, he should be ok with that. Which is really what I was thinking too. It doesn't directly involve him.

And yes, it's going to be a challenge for me. Not so much having NS here, but having the child here in the house, all the time. Because, as B said last night, I am SO not a kid person.

Also, B pointed out a couple things about RF.

First, high protocol doms can be tough, strict, lots of rules. She said they are often not nurturing. She's been in a relationship with a high protocol dom so she knows from experience with him.

Second, she wonders if he'll have enough time for me, or be able to make time for me. When we talked last week, it sounded like he was thinking of a couple times a week, we'd get together. I wonder how he'll make the time for that. I wonder if he's not making time now because his business is in a startup phase, or because we haven't really started this yet, or if it's always going to be like this.

MT thinks RF isn't the kind of dom I'm really looking for. I do know that ideally, I would find someone EXACTLY like MT, except local.

Maybe I should keep looking. Not close the door on RF, but look again at some of those who contacted me after I started talking with RF. Keeping in mind the local aspect is very important to me.

I would like a Daddy...... someone who can be loving as well as strict.

6:58 a.m. - 2005-04-24


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