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The ER... .my favorite place in the whole wide world! (not!)

I should just shut up about how boring my life is, shouldn't I? Tuesday morning, D hurt his back, doing nothing more than bending over correctly. I was at work, he was at home in pain, could barely walk, was just about in tears on the phone. Is there anything more pitiful than a husband saying, "I need you....."? I didn't think so.

I left work in a hurry, and when I got home, the cable guy was still here installing the digital phone, so we had to wait, and by the time he was done, it was almost 2pm, and D wasn't getting any better, so we just went directly to the ER instead of urgent care. They took him in on a gurney, where he stayed for the next 4 hours or so. Gave him pain meds by mouth, and wrote him three prescriptions for more. We actually got seen pretty fast, and they weren't very busy at all, which made it much more tolerable than other visits to an ER.

C and her gf came up when I called, because I wanted someone to stay with him in the ER while I took the dog to the dog hotel so I wouldn't have to worry about taking care of the dog as well as the man. So that was a big relief, both that they came so willingly and quickly, and there was a place to take the dog.

After D was discharged, C and Susan took him back to our house in their van, while I stopped at Boston Market for dinner for all of us, and dropped off the Rx from the hospital. Earlier, he'd called his doctor, and they had called in a couple of Rx too, so we got lots of drugs. Nothing really great though, the doctor's office had called in extra-strength Naproxen. WTF??? Aleve?

Anyway, I worked from home yesterday, and today too, and tomorrow too. By Monday, he will hopefully be better enough that I'll be ok with leaving him at home by himself. Friday at 1 he has a followup appt at the orthopedics clinic.

But because I worked here on this computer all day yesterday, my hands are hurting. Probably mostly from all the mousing I had to do, switching back and forth from app. to app. over the vpn connection. But it's both hands, so it can't be ALL mousing. Anyway, I logged about 6 hours of work yesterday, and also managed to take care of D and do a load of laundry and go to the grocery store (again!).

I will probably be having lunch with George next week, perhaps Wednesday. I got the ok from D before I told George that I would, he was fine with that. Haven't heard anything from Dog. And the referral guy, who I will call Ref, haven't heard from him since we chatted on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of Sunday afternoon, I was so industrious. I sorted out 4 boxes of clothes for Goodwill, which turned out to be 7 grocery bags full, took them in, got my receipt, which added up to $100, and then, as a reward, turned around and went into the Goodwill store to the book section, and got 4 books for $2.50. Total. One of them, a brand new Dean Koontz HARDCOVER, published December 2004. $27.00 cover price, for $1.00. Woo!!!!

So, that's about it.... off to deliver water and meds to the patient.

6:44 a.m. - 2005-05-05


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