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all-righty-then.... lazy Sunday

D is slowly improving, and I will be going in to work tomorrow. He's moving around better, not spending so much time wincing in pain, and has switched from oxycodone to vicodin. The dr visit on Friday afternoon went well, they did xrays (very cool digital xray machine) and the doc said his spine looked ok, nothing worthy of surgery, a few disks were a little smushed but nothing real serious. Told him to keep doing what he's been doing, taking it easy, going slow, and gave him a referral to physical therapy twice a week for 8 weeks. Also told him to start taking naproxen twice daily for a low-level anti-inflammatory effect.

Went over to C's yesterday to drop off a Cat Fancy magazine and a rainbow luggage strap for them to use when they go on their cruise in a couple weeks. Also to see the baby birds that live in the nest that the mama bird built in a coffee can in their garage. There are 4 of them. And to visit the cats, who probably don't know there are baby birds on the other side of the garage door.

Also went to MalWart to return 2 of the 4 pairs of pants that I ordered online. The 2 pairs that fit are identical to the two pairs that I had already (one of which got stuff spilled on them and is now stained and not work-wearable anymore). The two pairs that didn't fit were the same brand but another line. So I returned them. I do still need to get at least ONE pair of capri pants for the trip to SC in less than 2 weeks.

Did I tell you about that? My company decided that they would take everyone to the resort in SC where they're having the annual sales and service meeting, not just the sales and service people. We, the non-sales and service people, are only going for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) and we don't have to do any real work while we're there, it's more like a thanks for all your hard work this past year kind of deal. Should be way good. They're bussing us down there, so there will probably be plenty of drinking on the bus. And it's going to be a nice bus, with a bathroom, so that's good. The resort is Wild Dunes. It looks awesome.

What else? Today is shaping up to be a hugely lazy day. My plans for the day include a shower, a load of laundry, changing the air filters, and a lot of reading, probably on the deck. Hopefully I'll get to chat with Ref again to firm up the plans for lunch. I'm very curious about meeting him.

9:43 a.m. - 2005-05-08


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