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hot lunch, oh yeah....

Today was a yummylicious day. In reverse order....

3. Miss Tastypants at the mexican restaurant, approximately 5-6 months pregnant and deliciously gravid.

2. Miss PT at the PT clinic, university doctoral intern, khaki pants and nice firm everything. Perfect posture.

1. George. Lunch. My car. In the park. Hot. Wet. Hard. Kissing. Touching. Pinching, pulling, slapping slapping slapping, breasts and nipples. Stroking my hair, stroking his cock. Showing off my skills at one of my favorite activities, pleasing him with my mouth. Sliding my hand into my panties and finding a literal puddle there. Sliding his hand in there, and finding the one spot, the hot spot, and rubbing rubbing rubbing till I wasn't sure if I was going to explode or just melt. Making me pinch and pull my own nipples while he rubbed me there, while he fingered me there. Calling me his slut, making me say, I'm your slut, sir, every time he slapped my breast. Kissing me softly, eyes closed, hands in my hair, holding my breast in his hand, my nipple between his fingers, pinching, pulling, kissing. Soft and hard, gentle and forceful.

I want this so much, and it makes me so hot. I cannot fucking WAIT till we have some time, alone, in a room, with a bed, and some privacy.

I can still feel his fingers on my nipples, pinching, pulling, lifting my breasts by the nipples, rocking them back and forth, feeling their weight in his hands, kissing me, kissing me, kissing me.... I smelled his scent all over me all afternoon, and when I changed out of that shirt, I put it on my pillow. For tonight. At bedtime. Just me, his hands on my breasts, and my vibrator.

Or maybe sooner, if I can get away with it. Depends on what D is doing. I haven't told him that I had a hot lunch with George today. I probably will, but not yet. Still savoring it. Still luxuriating in the feelings. Mmmm-mmm-mmmmm.

6:03 p.m. - 2005-05-13


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