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moving on, again....

Happy Friday! I know it's only officially Thursday, but I'm taking tomorrow off work so it's Friday for me.

Lunch today with Rocco, the 50yo Dom, has been cancelled, he got called to go to a meeting and can't make lunch. So, that's off. However, when I got HIS message, I immediately messaged Doc to see if he wanted a quick meeting today instead of Monday. Haven't heard back from him yet. I'll know more later this morning when he gets to work.

Still no word from George. Which strikes me as odd, but then again, oh well. I go back and forth between, he must be really busy, and, was I too much of a slut? Usually I end up on, he must be really busy. Because that was the last I'd heard, he was doing statistics. Blech.

However, I think I've done all I can, and kept it light and chatty without accusing him of ignoring me. So, if that's what he's doing, again, oh well. I didn't email him yesterday or Tuesday, just on Monday mid-morning. That email said, "Back to the grind.... the weekend was a lot of fun, but the busrides to and from weren't so much fun, 6 hours down and 5.5 hours back. No bathroom on the bus. :( How was your weekend?" No response.

If he contacts me again, fine. If he doesn't, fine. I've already moved on.

Spent most of yesterday email/chatting with Doc, which has been fun. And yes, I agree that the 50yo Rocco might be more what I'm looking for in the way of a Daddy, but Doc is fun to email/chat with, and he makes me laugh, and is an excellent communicator. So even if he can't be my Daddy, which would be a HUGE suspension of disbelief, being that he's 27, he could still be a fun playpartner. So, looking forward to meeting him either today or on Monday, when I'm off work.

I think that's about all I have to say right now.

Oh yeah.... GO BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:26 a.m. - 2005-05-26


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