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Kissing... it's not just a good idea...

I guess I didn't realize how important kissing was to me. When Doc mentioned in an email today that he feels uncomfortable kissing anyone other than his wife..... well, I won't say I was crushed, but I was a little disappointed, and I realized that I need to not stop looking. This is what he actually said. "I do enjoy some kissing and cuddling with women, but I do feel somewhat awkward occasionally doing things like that with someone other than my wife. Again, I know that's crazy, but its something else I just can't explain. Of course, that doesn't mean it won't happen though, maybe just not all the time." We've been emailing back and forth all week, and it's going really well. We've exchanged pictures, and are planning to meet on Monday morning before he goes to work, and, perhaps, if it goes well, again Monday afternoon. I'm off work, he's not.

But after he told me that, and I processed it for a little while, I found myself going back to c0llarme and browsing again. I'd been focusing on him for the last couple days.

And I did email George, all I said was, Hi, What happened? Me.

I answered a couple other emails there, and messaged one new guy.

So, we shall see.

D and I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High this afternoon, I'd never seen it. At least, not the movie. However, I think I -lived- it in high school. I graduated from HS in 1981, this movie had to be set in 1979, from the clothes, the hair, the stoners, the sex, everything. I almost recognized some of the people there. ;)

And yesterday, we attempted to watch GroundHog Day, but the DVD kept skipping. And before you tell me that's the way the movie is, yes, I know.... I get the premise of the movie, but the actual DVD was actually skipping. And of course, they only have the one copy at the BlckBster we rented from, so we can't just trade it in. Which sucks.

Anyway..... I think that's about it for now. Tomorrow about noon D leaves to go visit NS for two weeks, but for the last time, because she and her younger son are moving down here at the end of June. Movers have been arranged, flights booked, notice given, parents told, everything is in motion. Finally.

3:30 p.m. - 2005-05-28


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