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I think I'm in trouble..... ;)

Have you ever met someone and they are so close to what you've been looking for, down to the smallest details, that it starts to frighten you, and you think maybe they've been listening in on your thoughts and dreams, reading your diary, intercepting your chats with other people?

Yeah, I just did. Yesterday afternoon, after my revelation that kissing is not just a good idea, it's the law, for me.

Got a message from a guy on c0llarme, 55 year old retired law enforcement, listed kissing first, favorites include "various techniques of play including kissing, spanking, paddling, flogger use, tweaking of the mind and body...I respect limits and would have a serious discussion of your needs wants and desires as well as your limits before we ever began play.... I am very much into being up close and personal with the submissive and kissing is something I like a lot and do a lot. It it is my goal for us to become one in go by one way and I go by another but we meet at the planet BDSM and there we both enjoy the ride and destination."

And, referring to D, "I just want him to know if he is in the mood to know that YOU are safe with me and I am not a wife or sub stealer. We will have moments of pure pleasure interspersed with pure passion but you will always be sent home to HIM. I am pretty damn good with some aspects of bdsm and you may find you like them a lot, I hope that is the case. I do not want a one time playmate. I will endeavor to keep your interest piqued to the max."

He sent me a picture without me even asking, and proposed meeting at a bookstore. He's a cat person, and sent me pictures of his two cats. He gave me his cell phone number without asking for mine, in case of unexpected glitches in the plan to meet at B&N today at 12:30 after I drop D off at the airport.

So yeah, it's a little freaky, how much he is what I'm looking for. I told MT I was probably going to meet him, and sent him the profile and first few emails, and he said he was worried about me meeting someone without a safety net. D is going to call me at 1:30 from Cincinnati on his layover, just to check on me and see how it's going. MT joked that he would call me at home at 11:30pm and if this guy was still there, tell him that my curfew was up and he needed to leave. But he was serious about being worried about me.

Also, of course, I told D all about him and sent him the same information, as well as to our friend Ellen who said she didn't know him but he sounded good. And, she said, any reason to go to B&N is a good enough reason.

Which brings up the point that I'm going to meet Doc tomorrow morning, after meeting (hmmm.... what should I call him? I'll call him Ed) Ed today. If we click as well as it sounds like we might, Doc is probably going to be out of the picture. See ya, buh-bye. I mean, come on.... 27 year old non-kisser vs 55 year old kissing-lover? Even the fact that Doc lives 7 minutes from me and Ed lives about 45 minutes from me (without traffic) doesn't tip the scale back to Doc. Or at least I don't think it will. I'll reserve final judgment till after I meet Ed this afternoon.

So, until then.... I have to take a shower, decide what to wear, change my mind a couple times, finally make a decision, load up the car, go to the ATM for cash for D, go to the airport, suffer through the security checkpoint without totally losing my cool (it's tough), and see him onto his flight.

I just saw Ed come online, and changed my status to visible... within a minute he messaged me. I'm going to post this and chat till it's time for me to take my shower.

7:48 a.m. - 2005-05-29


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