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a truly smitten kitten

Soft and warm and sweet, like banana pudding, that's how I felt yesterday afternoon. I have learned a new skill. Ed has taught me how to ejaculate. It's amazing. And before you even say it, it's NOT peeing. Research has shown that it's not, and I'm talking scientific research, not my own personal research. I'd never done it before yesterday.

He came to my house in the morning, arriving about 9:30. We stayed here at the house till about 2, then went to the mall and had some food, then he went home.

In between 9:30am and 2pm, there was an inordinate amount of kissing, talking, touching, story-telling, and loving. He made me a tag to go on the kitten collar, it says "Daddy's Girl, Forever". He calls me his Kitten, and I am indeed smitten.

He asked me, if you could have one thing, right now, what would it be? I thought, and said, I'd want to know the future, I want confirmation that what I feel today, will still be what I'm feeling in a year or more.

He asked me, if you had to take away all the parts of me (of him), what would the last part you'd want to lose be? IOW, what's the most important part of him, to me? I thought, and said, your voice. He tells me stories, he whispers them in my ear, about Daddy and his little girl, his Kitten, about how much he loves his little girl, and how he will always take care of her.

He paints word pictures for me, about his Kitten coming home from school one day, and sitting in his lap with her arms around his neck. About him standing in the darkened doorway of her room at night while she lies in bed and strokes herself, not knowing he's there. About one night, he comes into her room, sits down on her bed, and holds her hand. Touches her softly, gently, lovingly.

He asked me, how old are you, my kitten? I said, I'm 14. Old enough to be sexy and naughty, still young enough to be innocent sometimes.

This is so good, it feels so right, it feels so much like what I've been wanting for such a long time. It's like when I'm with MT, only I know it'll be happening again and again, not once or twice a year, but maybe once or twice a week. Not hiding (much) from D, but out in the open.

MT gave me the bumper sticker that says Daddy's Girl, and installed it on my car, but Ed has truly made me his.... I sleep at night in the tshirt he gave me, and I feel his arms around me in my dreams. Yesterday, sitting on the couch, listening to his voice in my ear, eyes closed, his arms around me, I felt like there was no place in the world I'd rather be.

7:22 a.m. - 2005-06-05


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