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somehow, it will work out, right?

I had another wonderful day with Ed today. Here's how it came to be.

I had a leak under the kitchen sink. Called and scheduled the plumber to come today, and told everyone I would work from home. Because I can. VPN rocks.

Plumber showed up about 10, fixed the problem in 2 seconds (loose nut), chatted for a couple minutes, and left. Ed was already on his way, and he got here about 11ish. He brought me presents! :) He's got this thing for girls in tight white shorts and tops.... so he bought me a pair of white shorts and a tanktop. Then took pictures of me, which I haven't seen yet.

We had a nice 4 hour play session, including much kissing, talking, holding, etc, etc, etc.... which then segued into those nice tight whites coming off of me, and there was much rejoicing.... or maybe that should be "rejuicing".... he said this time I was just pumping it out..... I asked him what kind of quantity there was this time compared to last time... he said, oh, about triple!!! Said if he hadn't stopped (too soon, IMO) I'd have gotten dehydrated!

So, after the tsunami, there was the cuddling, and then there was the demonstration of my own abilities, which he enjoyed immensely, as did I.

And you know what? We still haven't actually fucked, and he still hasn't tied me up and paddled me. We're just getting started here.

But I do have sadness as well. Because the times of D being away and me having the freedom to have Ed here are rapidly coming to an end. I know, it's only Tuesday, and D doesn't come back till Saturday. However, between now and then, there will be MAYBE one lunch, Friday, and that's all.

We're thinking next Tuesday, they can meet. Hopefully that will go well. If it doesn't.... too bad. I'm not letting him go. I'm just not.

And going forward..... we come to the issue of where? Can't be here, because NS and the child will be here. Can't be at his house, obviously, since his wife is not in the loop. Which leaves either a hotel/motel room (lowest rate I've found online is $36/night) or the back of his truck/Trooper somewhere somewhat private. Which, while cheap, isn't ideal.

But I will not let him go. WILL. NOT.

End of discussion.

7:33 p.m. - 2005-06-07


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