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Long long day missing

Hello everyone who is coming here from the Globe of Blogs. Thanks for stopping by. Especially thanks and welcome to the person who read 177 pages yesterday. You're my new best friend!

So, today. Bleh. Ed went to the coast yesterday afternoon. We chatted last night, which was nice, I showed him, via the webcam, the new, tighter, lower-cut, thinner, white shorts I found at JCP yesterday afternoon, and he heartily approved of them. We chatted a little bit this morning before he went off to kayak in the Sound all day. I talked to him around 9ish this morning, before he got to the place for kayaking, while he was driving. And he emailed me kisses from his phone around noon. He thought maybe he would call after finishing the kayaking, but that didn't happen. His wife, whose name is NOT Sharon, was coming out to be there with him at their place on the coast this afternoon, staying till Sunday night probably. He's not coming back till Tuesday mid-day, in time to meet us for dinner Tuesday.

So, Ed's out of contact till possibly tomorrow night, maybe till Monday morning. Bleh.

And, D is back now. While that's not a bad thing, when combined with the fact that Ed's out of touch, it's sent me into a bit of a funk. Seems like almost this exact combination happened a while back.... yes, back in January, when D was gone for 2 weeks, and the same day he came back, MT went on a cruise for a week and was 95% incommunicado. The similarities are almost frightening, they are so many and so strong.

And because Ed's out of touch, I spent most of the day reading my book, USS Seawolf by Patrick Robinson. I'd link it, but I'm too lazy, and you probably don't care anyway. Suffice it to say it's about a submarine (the USS Seawolf) that gets basically kidnapped by the Chinese Navy, and the US Navy SEALs go in to get the crew and scuttle the sub to keep the Chinese from reverse engineering it. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it. It's way good.

Well, we did do one other thing. After I picked D up at the airport and we had lunch (once again, my fave restaurant at the mall close by work, sitting at what seems to be becoming MY table, where controller-girl and I sat on Thursday, and where Ed and I sat when we first met), came home and built a little computer desk for NS. Very strange little computer desk, but apparently it works. However, the perfect home for it remains to be found. The first perfect nook for it was tested, but the fireplace completely blocks the wireless transmission from the router. So, while the space is good, her computer won't be communicating with the network, so that's unacceptable. One option would be to run a cat-5 cable under the house from the router to the place where the desk is, but that involves crawling around under the house and I'm not crazy about that idea. At least not ME crawling around under the house. If you would like to volunteer, just email me. Another option is to find a different place to put the computer desk, which is probably what we'll do.

Yesterday morning, at work, I spent some time investigating and getting quotes on having movers come to move the furniture we need moved (2 beds, underbed drawers, 2 dressers, big computer desk, big chaise lounge chair) from upstairs to downstairs and vice versa. Looks like we can probably get it done for about $100, which is certainly acceptable. I asked Ed if he wanted to come help move it, but he said no thanks. (I was kidding, wouldn't really ask him to do that).

What else? Nothing. I miss my Daddy. I sent him a message to his phone earlier, saying exactly that. No clue whether he got it, who else was around, so I'm assuming that he did get it, and that he was unable to answer it because he wasn't alone. Which is fine. I'm sure he's missing me as much as I'm missing him. Because we seem to be that much in tune with each other.

And now, before my face splits open from yawning, I'm going to go to bed.

8:52 p.m. - 2005-06-11


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