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I'm doing better today than I was on Saturday, mostly because I got to chat with Ed last night, which was a good thing, and also he might be coming back earlier than Tuesday afternoon so we can have lunch tomorrow around 1, which is a WAY good thing, because I miss his kisses, and am feeling a decided lack. And also, breathing way too much raw air for good health.

Talked to D a little bit tonight on the way to his PT appt, about how I don't really have a good idea of what's in his head about this whole Ed thing, I'm not getting any feedback from him about anything that I've told him. He said he doesn't really have a lot of information right now, and is waiting to meet him tomorrow. He said, if you're sure that this something you reallly want to go ahead with, and you feel like it's the right thing, which it seems like you do, then that's ok. He talked to Bev, his ex-sub (and a former play partner of Ed, small world, eh?) about Ed and she gave him good reviews.

So that sounds VERY positive. Which means YAY!!! :)

Last night, while we were chatting, Ed was saying how his shoulders were hurting from typing on the laptop sitting on the kitchen table. The Father's Day Gift Light Bulb went on in my head, and I refused to tell him what it was, and got his shipping address, and ordered him a Laptop Desk from

This is the first Father's Day that I've actually felt like giving ANYone a Father's Day present.

Work has been excruciatingly boring, interspersed with periods of trying to stay awake. However, today I got a call from my Daddy after he finished playing golf.... when I answered the phone, all I heard was... "N O W!!" Literally took my breath away. Sped up my heart and I felt a flush of warmth between my legs.

Other than that.... D and I did some getting ready for new people to live here activities yesterday. We took off the shower door which no longer closes in the downstairs bathroom, and replaced it with a shower curtain. The downstairs bathroom will become my bathroom when I move to the downstairs bedroom in a couple weeks. I'm considering getting an etagere (over the toilet shelves/cabinets) because there's not a lot of storage in that bathroom, it's also the laundry room. However, there is a permanently affixed towel bar above the toilet, and I don't know if any of the ones I saw yesterday at BB&B would fit around it. So, either I need to get verticals and install shelves like I did in the master bathroom, or, alternatively, get an over-the-washer-dryer kind of storage unit which would free up the shelf where all the laundry stuff is now. I need to do a bunch of measuring to figure out what to do. I'd rather not put stuff on shelves that I have to attach to the wall if I can avoid it.

The current plan for room arrangements is thusly: I will move to the downstairs bedroom where D currently sleeps, taking my bed, dresser, small bookshelf and my big chair. D will move to the upstairs bedroom where I currently sleep, taking his bed. We're getting rid of the big computer desk in the downbedroom, someone is coming to get it tomorrow. NS will move in with D in the upbedroom. JE (the 9 year old boy she's bringing with her, her younger son) will move into the library. The cats will remain in the cat room. If the books in the library become an issue or hindrance for JE, we'll move them down to my room, or if he doesn't treat them kindly. Although I think he will, he likes to read sometimes.

I think that's about it for now. I'm about 50 pages from being done with my book, will finish it tonight most likely.

6:06 p.m. - 2005-06-13


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