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Well, today didn't go EXACTLY the way I thought it might, but it turned out pretty good anyway. Got to see Ed, got 3 new tires installed, and only worked about 3 hours in the morning.

When I checked my home email from work, there was an email from Malwart saying my 4 tires were in already. Good deal. Told my boss I needed to go get them installed, taking the afternoon off. Ate my lunch, and went to the tire store. On the way, I called MT, to let him know I wasn't going to be at work this afternoon and where I was going. Then I called Ed to let him know the same thing, except we were planning that he would meet me at the park at 3, which might still have happened depending on the tire installation. When I called him, he said, did you get my message? No, what message? Apparently, he'd called me about 2 minutes before I called him, to let me know that he couldn't do dinner with me and D tonight because his wife wasn't going to her normal Tuesday night whatever it is, so he needed to be home. That was fine, because D was in a MOOD all day long, some stupid thing about an email list he's on. He doesn't get in a MOOD very often, and when he does, it shits all over his day, because he doesn't reallly know how to handle it. So we put off the first meeting till probably Saturday lunch.

However, Ed was on his way back from the coast, and I was on my way to Malwart, and we were hoping to meet up when he got back for at least a little while. I called D to let him know I was on my way to the tire place, and would let him know when I had an estimate of the time required to install them (mentally adding about an hour to spend with Ed).

When I got to Malwart, guess what? They only had THREE of the tires, the 4th one was MIA. Well, I wasn't leaving without them replacing at least the three worst of the old ones. So they put me in the queue, and I went wandering in Malwart and bought a couple things, a holster for my cellphone, and a couple pairs of capri pants. Then I went over to B&N, where I found a book to buy/read for under $3. The Journal of Eleanor Druse or something like that, a tie in with the Kingdom Hospital TV series that was on last year, which I did not watch. But it's a Stephen King thing, so I bought it. Plus the price was right.

At B&N, I got myself a tall caramel decaf iced something at the Starbutts there, and chatted with our friend Jen who works there, which I did not know. Then sat myself down and read the book and drank the drink and ate the biscotti which I also purchased there, until my Daddy got there and sat down with me and made me smile real big. :)

And did I mention it was/is fucking HOT out today? Right now, 91 degrees, heat index of 94. Earlier, when we were at B&N, was probably 95 and 105.

We walked around in B&N, looking at books in the sexuality section, and kissing occasionally. Holding my hand. Putting my arm around his shoulder when we stopped to look at a book. Kissing his cheek. Just generally enjoying being together. Whispering in my ear, sending me a little way out into the space time continuum. Where time stops and space is all encompassing. Where all I hear is his voice, and all I see is the word picture he's painting for me.

Walked out in to the fucking HOT to put my bag in his car, then over to the shade by the building where we kissed and played a little bit, whispering in my ear.... telling me to ride his knee...

Then we went back to his car, and drove over to the tire place, where, lo and behold, my car was apparently ready, and had they called me to let me know? They had not. So, went in, paid for 3 tires, got my keys, and returned to the fucking HOT. We drove over to some semi-shade, opened up all my doors and windows to catch any breeze there might have been, and sat in my car for about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes.

He was sweating, and I was glowing, and my hair was sticking to my face, and it was stupidly hot, and I didn't even care, because I was with him. I just wanted to lick him all over, catch all those tiny drips of sweat on my tongue, make his essence part of me. Not even a sexual thing. More like a Valentine Michael Smith sharing water groking his essence kind of thing.

I didn't plan on it, it was not my intent, I wasn't looking to do it, but it happened. Luckily, it happened to both of us at the same time, and apparently with the same strength. It amazes me. Whoever sent this man, this wonderful man, to me, I thank you for him. With all my heart.

6:31 p.m. - 2005-06-14


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