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yes, Virginia, there is a Daddy....

Ok, so Day One went very well, actually. Let's hope that Day Two through Day Infinity go as well. I must say, though, hearing your husband and his other wife having sex right above your head is kinda wierd. Sort of like hearing your parents having sex. I didn't feel like I wanted to be part of it, not at all. But it made me wish Ed were in bed with me, whispering in my ear, making me float off into space.

Oooh... speaking of Ed..... yesterday was wonderful. We met at B&N at 10 and sat there and talked for a little while, then we went to an adult toy store called Frisky Business. We were the only customers in there, and the girl who worked there was very friendly and nice and knowledgeable. We looked at everything, toys, videos (DVDs), saving the clothing section for last. They had lots of really pretty things. I found a bustier in emerald green that I tried on, with his help (about 15 hook and eye in the back, definitely needed help with those), which was very pretty, but then Ed went back out and found one in royal purple, which is both of our favorite colors, and it looked incredible. Comes with matching thong g-string and matching thigh-high stockings, to clip to the garters that are on the bustier. It's lovely, and creates some awesome cleavage. He bought it for me. :) And next week, hopefully on Tuesday, maybe there will be pictures. Me, purple outfit, black leather kitten collar, fuzzy cuffs.... maybe even a blindfold.

He makes me so happy. :)

So then, I went to the airport and picked up NS and JE (big hugs for everyone) and all their luggage (my aching shoulder today) (thank god for rolling luggage is all I have to say) and we stopped at BK and ate because everyone was lunch-hungry, and then brought them home to D (more hugs) and they just fit right in pretty much. Had mexican for dinner (nachos con carne for me) and then came home, went to the store by myself, then came home and watched Jeopardy.

Chatted online with Ed while simultaeously installing XP on a computer for JE and talking to a guy about our car (which we have listed for sale online). We went shopping, Ed and I did, at If you type in the search box 'daddy's girl', you get a boatload of things they sell. And these are the things that my Daddy ordered for me.

Daddy's Girl bumper sticker since, when I sell the car, I'll need a new one, because the one that MT gave me and installed for me with love will have to come off of the car.
Daddy's Girl camisole because it's sexy. Could have gotten the tshirt, but the camisole is sexier. And I like to be sexy for my Daddy.
His Kitten sticker because I am. And it's so cute.

Today, I will be at work, and calling Honda to see how I go about selling my car to a private person (as opposed to a dealer), paying off the loan with the proceeds from the sale, getting the title to the purchaser, and then going to a dealer with a couple thousand to put down on a CRV. Also meeting Steve, who is interested in the car, at noon to show it to him. Test drive it, etc. It's not showroom beautiful right now (has it ever been since I've had it? no) but it is a VERY good car. And in good shape. And has 4 brand new tires on it.

And after today, there will be no working until a week from tomorrow. Yay for vacation, and summer, and festivals, and doing errands, and getting acclimated, and sleeping in, and reading.

6:25 a.m. - 2005-06-29


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