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it's going to be a good day today

Right now, I'm the only one up this morning. Except for the cats, of course. I got up, fed them, did my breakfast thing, etc, came down here. Just now, I heard D get up, dogs are up now too, and I heard him feeding the cats, again. I'm pretty sure they're not going to tell him it's a duplicate feeding. Especially MCat, who, as usual, puked up everything she'd eaten this morning plus a big fat hairball. Charming. That right there is why she's a normal sized cat, as opposed to PCat, who eats and retains it.

Chatting with Ed right now, too, less than 4 hours till I get to see him again. Yay!!! Will get to try on my new purple outfit today, and he's going to take photos of me in it.

It's going to be HOT today, mid 90's, which means that D and N and JE will be going to the POOL after lunch while Ed and I are here playing. Also YAY!!!!

D and I moved my tall bookshelf down to my room last night, which contains all my to-be-read books, as well as the books that my ex-boss-lady gave me to register and release. I haven't done that yet. She probably gave me about 20 hard back books. Mostly mysteries that I'm not interested in, but several that I am. Couple of David Sedaris, couple of Barbara Kingsolver (?). And I messaged several people on bookcrossing to trade for Cat's Cradle, by Vonnegut. D and N were telling me about it yesterday, and it sounds interesting.

Yesterday, N and JE and I went to the River Festival, which is kind of a hippy-ish artsy-craftsy benefit for the river to help preserve it. JE got his face painted, and climbed the rock wall, and bought a stuffed snake. N and I just mostly walked around and sweated. And spent money on pretty disappointing festival food. A cheese steak sandwich with peppers and onions, on which I did not find ANY cheese. And pretty much lacking in flavor too. We decided, on the bus on the way back, next year, if we think we might go to the festival, we should just take our 13 dollar (each!!) admission fee and go to the movies where it's air-conditioned and comfortable.

It was disappointing. Every year I go, I expect it will be a lot of fun. And most times, it's not so much. Remind me next July, ok?

And speaking of a little disappointing, I was kind of hoping to see Ed again tomorrow, since I'm off work still, but he's playing golf with some of his buddies in the morning. And then of course, D had to bring me down a little bit by reminding me that it's POSSIBLE that they won't be able to go to the pool today, it might be busy. Thanks for that. Fucker. Not much of a chance of that, but he had to put it out there.

Anyway, today is going to be good, regardless of if they go to the pool or not. Either way, Ed's coming over at 11am, and we're going to play. Dammit. I just sent them both movie listings at the mall. They WILL get out of the house. Sending 2 adults and a kid to the movies is cheaper than getting a room, I'm pretty sure.

Tomorrow, N and I will be going to DMV (woo) to get her a state ID, and then to the bank to get her bank account opened up. Yes, a busy day tomorrow.

But not as GOOD a day as today will be. :) I get to see my Daddy...... Yay!!! :) And maybe NS's stuff will come today (although I hope NOT when Ed is here), and maybe my order from cafepress will come, with the Daddy's Girl bumper sticker and shirt.

Oh, that reminds me. Sunday, C and Susan came over for tacos and Uno, which was very fun. However, seeing them together, and knowing they were going home together, and seeing D and NS together, and knowing they were going upstairs together at the end of the night, made me sad, because I was going to go to bed with my CAT. So when I went to bed, and could hear them upstairs having sex, it made me very sad, and I cried by myself with the cat, who was quite concerned. So yesterday morning, I told D that I need something to make some white noise in my room, to mask those kind of sounds. And I said, you have money in your account to buy me something like that.

I found a place online,, and ordered a 3 pack of CDs. And when NS's stuff gets here, she's going to give me her little stereo with the 3 disk CD changer in it, so I can have white noise all night long. Right now, I have a CD that I burned yesterday of nature sounds, and the boombox on the nightstand, which I used yesterday for my nap and last night at bedtime. Worked good. The CDs I ordered are true white noise though, a/c, fan, that kind of thing. Will be better. No chance of hearing water sounds at night and having a childish accident. ;)

Ok, off now to chat with Ed some more, and then shower and stuff. Get some toys ready. :) Yay!!!

7:02 a.m. - 2005-07-05


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