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Yesterday was a fantastic day. I got to spend time with Ed, and he got to meet the rest of the family, and seemed to fit in really well, and liked everyone. Then he and I took the others over to the pool, and left them there for 3 hours while we came back to the house and it was just wonderful. Both of us got rid of a LOT of bodily fluids we'd been saving up, but the best part? The absolutely most wonderful part?

He put the kitten collar on me, and said, I take you as my lawfully collared kitten. And I accepted it, and said, yes, I want to be your collared kitten, Daddy's Girl... forever. (big sigh of happiness and contentment)

It's not just the game, and it's not just the roles, it's me and it's him, each of us, and we both feel the same way. I love my Daddy, and I love Ed. He loves his kitten, and he loves ThatGrrrl.

I told him yesterday, I can't remember the last time I've felt like this about someone, always wanting to touch them, hold their hand, rest my head on their shoulder, just be in contact with them. Usually, it's the OTHER person in the relationship that feels that way, and I feel smothered. Not this time. I hope he doesn't feel smothered by my attention, and loving him the way I do. I don't think he does.

I slept with the kitten collar on last night, as I have been most every night, and that, combined with the nature sounds CD playing, helped me sleep really really well.

Today, NS and I are going to DMV and the bank, and then the grocery store and Boston Market. We all went to the mall last night for dinner, and got JE a pre-played (refurbed) X-box and one game, so we're also going to go to Blockbuster at some point to rent a couple more, but we'll have to take him with us for that, so probably not in the morning.

And today, Ed is playing golf, and tomorrow, he's going to the coast and I have to go back to work, so likely won't see him again till next week. Maybe Tuesday after work. Don't know for sure.

But yesterday was wonderful. I feel so contented with him, and so loved and cared for. Happy.

6:49 a.m. - 2005-07-06


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