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Figured it was about time for an update, and while I'm installing XP SP2 on a client computer, this is a good time to do so.

Yesterday was kind of a frustrating work day, it was my friend JG's last day at work, she's taking another job at a smaller company to be their office manager. Low stress job. I will miss her. A lot.

Also frustrating because I've been bored at work. Talked to Bossman about that, and he wants to help me find things to do, things to make my job a challenge again. Maybe get more SAP training, possibly even in the Finance/Controlling area, where we have NO subject experts at all. In the entire company, at least in the US anyway. Not that I really WANT to get back into Accounting, because I don't, but it's a start.

Also frustrating at home because 1. there's dog hair all over the floor, and I'd thought someone was going to vacuum, but that didn't happen. 2. I ended up having to figure out what for dinner was even though there are TWO people at home who said they would be in charge of that. 3. had to go to 4 stores to get OJ for the Fuzzy Navels. 4. JE is just way too chipper sometimes. 5. AR neighbor was blowing his driveway or whacking his weeds after work, which was loud.

And I miss my Daddy, because it's been 3 days since I've seen him and it feels like a lot longer. And there's a whole weekend stretching out in front of me without seeing him, because he's at the coast till Sunday afternoon/evening.

But it got better eventually. AR neighbor stopped, I got some bed snuggles, TacoBell for dinner, Jeopardy, some reading, and I talked to Ed online and on the phone, and we made plans for Monday lunch and Wednesday afternoon. I'm taking Wed. off to get JE registered for school, we'll do that in the morning, and I'll find something to do with the other people in the afternoon, or we'll just close and lock the door of my room, which is a distinct possibility.

And then I went to bed, and put on the kitten collar, and turned on my CD of noise, and went right to sleep. And didn't get up till almost 8am, which is almost unheard of. Both cats were trying to get me up, but I resisted. Tiny buttheads.

Vacuuming sucks. I hate doing it. But I have a suspicion that if NS or D do it, they won't vacuum to my standards, being as how they're both blind, and so I'll end up doing it myself anyway. So, what needs to happen, is that JE needs to do it, and do it well. He's 9, he should be able to have chores, right? And vacuuming, IMO, should be his first one. That's what kids are for, isn't it? To do the things the adults don't want to do that they're capable of doing? I remember when I was his age, I had to load/unload the dishwasher, put away laundry, babysit my 3 year old sister. All of those carried monetary payments for accomplishing them, that was how I earned my allowance every week, but also, my mom didn't have to do those things.

On the schedule for the weekend.... updating my resume. Laundry. Exchanging the xbox. Groceries. Nap. Reading. Hamburgers for dinner. Finishing the client computer hopefully. Burning some Bob & Tom CDs for the car. Vacuuming - hopefully by someone else. Whatever else comes up.

1:53 p.m. - 2005-07-09


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