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flirting with K

If I'm so happy with Ed, then can someone explain to me why I flirted so shamelessly today with K, a guy at work? A very nice guy, 40, married, and sexy. It's not the first time, and he's as much of a flirt as I am, and I suppose we just took it one step further, and had lunch. It all started when he saw my new car, and said he wanted to go for a ride. (pause) In my car. Or maybe it was me that said I would love to take him for a ride. (pause) In my car. Know what I mean?

So we drove to Taco Bell, and he asked me about the Daddy's Girl bumper sticker in the back window, and over lunch, I ended up tellling him about NS and D and that whole situation, and a little bit about my Daddy, and that I'm very happy with him, and very satisfied with him (although not nearly often enough, if you know what I mean).

And after we finished lunch, and talking, we got in the car, and he wanted to stop for some cigarettes at the store, so ok, we did, and a point of discussion was not to get our two drinks mixed up while he was in the store (I had a soda, he just had water, so a smaller cup than mine). He said, mine's the shorter one. (pause) The cup.

Yeah, I knew what he meant..... and somehow that evolved (degenerated?) into him offering to show me (boggle!!!) so I would have some basis for comparison (to what, I don't rightly know) because he's not shy, he said. Sounded like he was ready to just WHIP IT OUT right there in my car. Whoa! Ok, I'm not denying I was curious (he's a man of color (whatever the current PC term is today)) whether the stereotypes are true, of course I'm a little curious.

However. That being said. Not THAT curious. Because I don't know how far it would go, given that first step, and I'm not THAT interested in him. It's fun to flirt. But that's pretty much all I want from him.

Besides. Even though all we did was flirt and have lunch in public. I still felt guilty enough to confess to Ed that I'd been flirting with a guy at work and we had lunch. Guilty? Maybe uncomfortable. I just did NOT want to hide ANYthing from Ed. Do not want to lie to him, even by omission. And so I told him, and he said flirting and lunch was ok. But I felt a lot better about it after I told him about it.

And speaking of Ed, I did mention to him my thought about a standing "appointment" for "therapy" and he thought that sounded possible, but brought up the point, what if he was unable to make it on Wednesday, would I be able to reschedule my "therapy appointment" time off at work? Good point. Giving it more thought. But I do like that idea of a regular tryst.

Was going to write something else, about something that happened at work today that totally pissed me off, but I'm not going to, not here. If you want to know, email me. Yes, it was that bad. I was livid.

8:26 p.m. - 2005-07-21


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