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Yesterday, NS and D and I were all productive and shit in the morning, and got the last of the boxes off the deck and up into the attic, where, btw, it was pretty damn hot even at 10am. So then I took my shower, in preparation, I hoped, for seeing Ed about 1:30 for a while. But he called while I was in the shower, and when he called back, he told me he couldn't come and meet me because he and the wife had some family stuff to do at 3, or something. So I was bummed. REALLY bummed. I'd already dressed for him, in the white shorts and my white Daddy's Girl camisole. /sigh/ So I hung around for a while in the living room, chatting with D and NS, and then decided to change my clothes, and go over to C's to take the Cat Fancy magazine over there, and visit with them, and then go to C0stc0. Because how better to assauge my bummed-ness at not getting to see Ed than to visit kitties and spend money on large quantities of merchandise? I'm just sayin'.

C is making another picture to put up on her Cafe Press . com site, you should go check out the first one at, it's a snorkelling cat, and it's very cute. The second one though, which isn't finished yet, is going to be even BETTER. It's her cat Tina, sitting in an armchair, wearing reading glasses, and reading a book. The book? "To Kill A Mockingbird" How cute is that! And the picture is great, she's such a talented artist. I told her, when you get that one up, you let me know, I WILL be buying something from there. Maybe a mug, or one of the posters. I'm thinking I will take it to work, and show it off to all the cat people there, and maybe some of THEM will buy something. Because there are several cat people there. And that would be cool.

So then I went to C0stc0, and got Llsterine, microwave popcorn, benadryl, prunes, z0neperfect snack bars, a book, vitamins, and dishwasher detergent tablets. $82 and some change.

But I was still kinda bummed...... the heat drained me more than I had already been drained by my bummed-ness about not getting to see Ed yesterday, when I was all ready to see him.

It's not like we were going to have much time though, even if he hadn't had to be somewhere at 3, we probably wouldn't have had more than about an hour at a park somewhere. But at least it would have been an hour of kisses and holding and just being with him.

However, he's going to come see me at lunchtime tomorrow, and I'm going to see about taking Wednesday afternoon off. I'm very likely going to talk to Bossman today about my "therapy" on Wednesday afternoons, and making that a regular occurrence from here on out. With the planned making up of the time off (4 hours a week) by working at home. I could probably do the web-based SAP e-learning stuff that we're probably going to buy for me from here. Saturday mornings or something like that. So I wouldn't have to use up vacation time. Yeah, that's what I'll do. And because the "therapy" appt is at 1pm in a different city, for an hour each week, it wouldn't make sense to come back to work, so I'll just go home and make up the time from there. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Don't know if you noticed, but I rearranged my icons a little bit, and added one for right next to the one. is exactly what it sounds like: a place to swap books, DVDs and CDs for free. You list your items, and people see them, and request them from you. When you fulfill their request, you get a point. You can use that point to request items from other people. They have wishlists and sorting capability. It's pretty cool. I've already sent out 2 books, will send out another one today. When those 3 people give me positive feedback on the swaps, then my points become active and I can request other items from other people. Cool. Books for free (except for Media Mail postage, which usually runs about $1.42 per book). What's not to like? :)

6:34 a.m. - 2005-07-25


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