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fuck them all, it's hot

8:47pm. 89.5 degrees Fahrenheit. (no idea how hot that is in C, but you're welcome to figure it out and let me know).

Or, as we say down here in the's FUCKING hot. Today's high...104. Today's low.... 74. Today's rainfall.... 0.00".

And yeah yeah, Meany, I know, it's not 140 like it is in Iraq, so I should shut up about it, right? Ok, shutting up now. :)

Tonight was Parents Night at JE's school, so the three of us, and the two dogs went. It was interesting. Teacher seems very nice, and pretty young, like late 20's? early 30's? When we all went up to talk to her at the end, she said, Mr & Mrs S? Nice to meet you. Well, um, no, not exactly. We share a house. No more details were given. I had a tiny hit on the gaydar with the teacher though, so we shall see. Or not.

Speaking of not giving details, talked to Bossman yesterday, and told him this: "There's a lot going on in my life right now, and I've started seeing a therapist to try to figure some of it out. I have a weekly Wednesday afternoon appointment, and I'll do some work from home to make up the time so I don't have to take vacation/sick/personal time for it." He was totally cool with it, and didn't ask any details, and said, do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself.

And so, I will be only working halfdays on Wednesday from here on out, for the foreseeable future, and hopefully getting hot and wet with my Daddy on a weekly basis. Woohoo!!!

The BEST kind of therapy is a therapy plan you design for yourself, therapy that you WANT to go to every week, and therapy that doesn't cost $90/session. Or even anything at all.

See, they (my work) should be GLAD I'm doing this kind of personalized therapy. Will make me a better, happier employee, and it's not costing them a DIME. Unlike when I was seeing Ricki, which cost them money in insurance premiums and cost me money in copays.

Plus, Ed never makes me cry by picking at old sore spots from the past, like she did on occasion. He just makes me giddy and incredibly satisfied.

We had lunch today, which was nice, but too short, of course, because I had to go back to work, although I think I did take 1:15 instead of just an hour. But so what? I don't punch a time clock. :)

Ed bought a CD of some French vocalist singing, because he was intrigued by one song which has the lyrics "Fuck Them All!" in it, even though the entire CD is in French, he doesn't speak French, and has no idea what its about. He made me a copy of it. It's pretty good, actually.The artist is Mylene Farmer, and the title of the CD is "Avant Que l'Ombre". The picture of her on the cover is totally hot!! I want to get the lyrics, I think I could learn them if I listened to it enough times, even though I don't speak French. :)

I think that's all for tonight.

8:47 p.m. - 2005-07-26


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