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Got stuff in the mail today, and more is on the way. I got a 6pack of Stephen King books as a trade for something else (I've forgotten what already). Ok, it's the Green Mile serial, so it's a 6pack of very SMALL Stephen King books, but it was missing from my collection till now. I refused to pay $4 for a book that was about 100 pages when it first came out. I waited, and eventually I read it when it was published later all in one, but I still didn't buy it. Now, I've traded for it, for something that I didn't want.

Also, got a shirt in the mail from Meany. She rocks.

Front of shirt:

Back of shirt:

How cool is that! Answer: WAY.

Also, biscotti from my mom, yummy as always, and D got his belated bday present from my mom: a silly card and a little book about Too Young for a Midlife Crisis.

My "therapy" session, normally scheduled for Wednesday, has been changed. The new time is Tuesday afternoon. Please make a note of it. That would be tomorrow, btw. In case you've lost track of time. Or days.

There was a brief (approximately 6 hours) interval this afternoon where I was going to get to spend the night with Ed on Wed. night, but that plan has been postponed till the week of the 16th. No biggie. We have plenty of time. :)

Tomorrow morning, a webEX training session, then therapy in the afternoon. Yay!

That is all. Carry on.

8:25 p.m. - 2005-08-01


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