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Mmmmmm..... I'm all therapized now and feeling woogly. Partially feeling woogly from working on a stupid computer for an hour and a half though tonight, which had nothing to do with the therapy of this afternoon.

Therapy this afternoon was lovely and wonderful. We seem to spend just about 2 hours, and everybody gets what they need and want, and we're set for another week, with the possibility of a lunch somewhere in the middle of in between. Daddy puts my collar on me, and it's so much more something than when I put it on at bedtime, but even at bedtime, it's like he's holding me in his arms, in his heart, in his mind. I've been sleeping so much better wearing the kitten collar than without it.

It occurred to me to wonder though, if we do get to have an overnight sometime, after 2 hours, then what? Or will we find other things to do, more of the same things? I would like to fall asleep in his arms. Actually, what I'd like to do is wake up in his arms.

I love the way he looks at me. When he's inside me, his eyes are glued to my face, like I'm the only thing in his universe, like he's drinking me in through his eyes, swallowing me whole, owning me. And I told him that today. While he was looking at me, touching me. How his eyes make me feel. Owned. Held. Loved.


Got 2 books in the mail today (Naked Prey by John Sandford and Table of Contents by John McPhee) .... and a CD of The Best of College A Capella Humor. I love a really lot.

8:06 p.m. - 2005-08-02


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