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wanna see my boo-boo?

Hi, remember me? The one who hasn't been writing in here lately, for whatever reason, or no reason at all. I've been reading more lately, because I keep getting books in the mail, which I LOVE. :) Right now I'm reading Intensity by Dean R Koontz. And it is. Intense, that is.

Yesterday, C came over in the afternoon to help me hang all the pictures that I've not hung since we've lived in this house (4.5 years) because some of them my parents gave me and since my parents are going to be visiting at the end of October, I figured it would be good if they were hung. So, since she's an arty type, I figured she could help (read: do it for me) me hang them. So they're all hung now. Then Susan (her gf) came over after she finished her teaching test, and then we had Chinese for dinner, all of us, and during the course of dinner, Susan said, JE, you should come over to our house, my grandson (who is 2 years older than JE) is coming over for the night and you two can hang out and play xbox. And JE was all about that, so he ran around getting stuff together, and NS helped, and C rolled her eyes because, 2 pre-teen boys in the house? How crazy will that be? And then JE and C drove off in the Miata, and Susan drove off in the van, and NS and I broke out the margarita mix and tequila, because it was all about no KID in the house, don't have to be RESPONSIBLE, and proceeded to get nicely loopy. The three of us sat on the deck, 2 with margaritas, one with a big piece of ice cream cake, and talked, and it was all good.

At least until I went in the house to make another batch of drinks, ok, half a batch, and when I came back out, carrying my empty cup, and the blender pitcher, with lid on tight, and turned to close the door behind me, and turned back toward my chair, and did not SEE the DOG/RUG who was lying RIGHT THERE, and went down, BAM!!!! but I did not spill the margaritas, and nothing broke, and D and NS were very concerned because they said I made a BIG noise crashing and falling, and D got me a cold pack for my knee and a handful of Nuprin and a wet paper towel to wipe off the dust and blood and OWEEEE!!!!

So I have sympathy paw and sympathy elbow too. No major damage, just a big red scrape and bump. And it wasn't because I'd been drinking, although I'm pretty sure it was MS related.... as in "Move, Simba!!!" because she didn't.

We've been working on a client computer off and on this weekend. Yesterday morning, we installed 2 new secondary hard drives on it, then in the process of doing a Ghost image, discovered that the primary C drive was error-ing, so called the client and she came over and she and D went and got another drive to replace the C drive, which we have installed XP on this morning, and now I am copying her My Docs folder from the Jupiter box (our mass storage device) to the new C drive, and will install a few programs on it, and then she's going to pick it up tonight. For all of that, D's charging her about $100 plus the cost of the 2 original new drives. Of that $100, I think I will be getting about half of it, since I'm doing a LOT of the work on it.

Other than that.... maybe get the child some jeans and sneakers today because it's tax-free weekend. Reading, and, given how I feel right now, perhaps a nap.

9:04 a.m. - 2005-08-07


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