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better than nothing, right?

I've taken all comments about my last entry to heart and will, from here on out, not worry about what isn't, but instead will be enjoying what is. As often as possible. ;) I did tell Ed about my trauma that night, the next day. Silly me, getting all worried like that.

Anyway, moving on.

I've been visiting C's cats every day because she and Susan went to the Michigan Women's Music Festival way up in BFE. And the NCGLFF was this past weekend, which I didn't go to. Instead, I took a nap yesterday afternoon, and read my book a lot. And stayed inside because it's been hot, still.

Work has been supremely boring. And we are possibly going to have auditors from a federal agency visiting today and tomorrow, but we're ready for them, so we should be ok, I hope. I doubt if I'll be much involved in that, other than possibly fetching records from various people, reviewing things and documents before they go to the auditors just to make sure they're not missing pages and stuff like that. But no actual interrogation.

A co-worker of my mom's is moving down here to go to grad school in Medieval LIterature, arriving on Wednesday, and my mom has asked me to take her under my wing, I think is how she phrased it. She does have a place to live, so that's good. But she doesn't know anyone. I'm sure we'll be inviting her to dinner and such. I'm assuming she's grad school aged, 20's. Maybe she's cute, hot and bisexual.

Well, one can hope anyway, right? ;)

We had a visitor last night, Cody the dog from down the street got spooked by the thunder and got out of his fenced yard and came to visit. When his people got home, we took him back, and met his mom and grandmom (humans, both of them). Mom, Rachel, total hottie. Grandmom, Ellen, very nice lady. Cody, very cute golden retriever, but small for his age, 2 years.

I think that's all.

6:38 a.m. - 2005-08-15


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