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I have hope for the future.... .

Well, I had the phone interview today, and it went really well. However, I asked about the money aspect of it, and they're WAY low, about 15k lower than I am making now, and there's no way I can take a paycut. The guy was very nice, and was very interested in me, but alas.

Anyway, I did talk to Bossman this morning though, gave him a brief synopsis of my frustration etc and asked him what I can do to help him out, because I know how overloaded he is. He gave me a couple of big inventory projects, things he's been unable to make headway on. Hopefully, I will be able to dazzle him eventually with my skill at fixing things.

Also, I filled out and he signed and submitted the requisition to purchasing for the online SAP training that I want to take, which will help the Accounting dept, and expand my knowledge in that arena in terms of how to do stuff, transactionally.

So, I'm feeling a little better about staying where I am. I really don't want to leave, because it's not a bad place, although there are things about it which I like less than others (the Swiss, mostly). However, Bossman told me that there's a move afoot for yet another company-wide reorg, which may actually give us local control again, rather than having all the control being over in The Motherland. Can you imagine having to ask the parent company in Switzerland if you can hire someone, not into a new position, but to FILL AN EXISTING POSITION that someone left????? Yeah, when JG left, and our controller hired a replacement, she got shit for not getting approval from them.

Um, hello, Micromanagement Central? Jeez.

Looking forward to my therapy on Wednesday a LOT. Seeing my Daddy again. Kissing him. Yeah. A LOT.

I made my hotel reservation for Journalcon today. I'm still going to wait on the airfare, because Delta will charge me as soon as I book the ticket, and I don't want to pay interest charges on that for 2 months on the Amex. September 15, or thereabouts, I'll make those reservations.

And, I just remembered that I need to go get cat food for tomorrow, or they will STARVE to death. Poor kitties. (not!)

4:42 p.m. - 2005-08-22


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