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Well, there was no therapy today, unfortunately, because Ed's wife was home sick throwing up, and he couldn't, in good conscience, come see me, which I completely understand and would do the same thing if the situations were reversed. Which is not to say that I wasn't disappointed, of course. I asked him, does she have Wednesday-itis? Because last week she was sick on Wed. too, but not this bad sick. So anyway, we'll probably have lunch on Friday.

However, I took this afternoon off ANYway, and NS and I went to the dogfood store and Wallyworld.

And, yesterday, got a message from C that the Reading Cat is up on now, so, everyone please go to and check it out. This is a sample image, so you can see how cute the picture is.

I sent an email to a bunch of cat people at work, and to my mom, and my mom has already bought some things, a cup and a mousepad. I ordered a lightswitch cover for my bedroom, a cup to take to work and show off, and a kids baseball jersey for JE. The Reading Cat turned out REALLY good. I can't wait to get my stuff.

What else is going on? The projects that Bossman gave me are keeping me busy enough that the day goes fast, which is WAY GOOD. Hopefully that will continue. Tomorrow I'll probably call SAP and find out how the online courses work, if there's a time limit, or what the deal is.

Other than that.... .reading. :)

8:13 p.m. - 2005-08-24


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