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just a short entry, mostly about SEX!

It occurred to me after Jeopardy was over, that I can't remember EVER having such wonderful sex on such a regular basis. Ever in my life. EVER. Well, maybe when I was in high school, as far as regularity, but not the quality that I'm having now with Ed.

First marriage lasted 5 years. Probably 2 years in, we were seeing a counselor at the college, trying to figure out why I didn't feel like having sex very often. Never did figure it out. Not in that marriage anyway.

Current marriage, 16 years and counting. Haven't had sex with D for over 4 years. Before we finally gave it up, when I started dating women seriously, it would be months between encounters with me and D. Just as long between times when I would see MT. There was the one German guy in 2001 in Switzerland that one time.

As far as women went, it was about the same. After the initial glow burned out, especially with C, we ended up pretty much just friends who spent the night every other weekend. I think I figured this out toward the end: if we wanted to have sex, we should drink. If we wanted to laugh our asses off, we should get high.

Eventually, I think I figured out that the excitement, for me, lies in the naughtiness factor. Danger. Hiding. But you know that doesn't explain the current situation.

I've never been one to be able to get turned on on demand, as in, it's time to have sex, so get turned on. Never worked that way for me. Until Ed. Wednesdays, 1pm, in my room. We kiss, and it all starts to happen. I think about Wednesday afternoon during the week between, and I can't wait. I want it more, and sooner, and again.

MT was watching on the video cam a couple weeks ago, and later he said, Ed's old and fat, just like me! I said, yeah, apparently that's just the way I like my men. Mature and solid. In fact, today when I was at JE's school, waiting to pick him up after his activity, there was this guy there, a dad type, who was VERY attractive to me. Roundish in the belly. Strong arms. Short hair. Nice eyes. Wedding ring. Nice smile. Nice chest. Looked like it would be very nice to be his arms.

Speaking of which, today was lovely! My Daddy was sleeping, and I crept into the room and crawled in bed with him, and rubbed him all over. Laid right next to him with his arm around me and my head resting on his shoulder. It was very very wonderful. Of course, there were other activities, but that was the beginning of the loveliness today. Soaked three towels. Every week, we congratulate me on my BRILLIANT idea of the shower curtain under the towels on the bed.

And now, I'm all relaxed. D asked me after Ed left, so are your batteries all recharged now? I said, nope, they're totally drained! Or something is totally drained anyway. ;)

7:33 p.m. - 2005-09-07


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