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What a day!

This morning, N and I built her new desk. Go to the previous entry to see it.

After the desk, then we went over to C's and picked up JE and stopped at Petsmart and bought another goldfish and some plants and some gravel and a thermometer for the tank. Came home and installed it all. Go to the previous entry to see that too. It was about 3pm by then. None of us had had a shower.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought food. When I drove up and was getting out of the car, the kid across the street (10 year old son of AR Neighbor) said, there's kittens in here, pointing into the storm drain. Well, of course, I had to go look. Sure enough, 5 kittens, about 5 weeks old, we determined later. All very healthy, very mewy, and SOOO cute (as kittens tend to be). He pulled one out through the grate, they're still small enough to do that, and I held it, and called C and let her hear the kitten mewing, and she said, we'll be right over, because she's been wanting a kitten.

So, eventually, we found out that MamaCass that I've been feeding is the mama of these kittens, not of the 2 older kittens that are over at Neighbor's house. Those kittens are from a different mama cat that was very mean who has been sent away. And the kittens that Animal Control took a few weeks ago were from that mean mama cat.

C and Susan and Susan's grandson came over and we finally got all 5 kittens out of the drain pipe and put them in the big Dell computer box with a bunch of towels, and C and Susan took them home with them. They'll feed them for a couple weeks, and then adopt them out. Well, probably MOST of them, I'm pretty sure C is going to keep one of them. Because 3 cats just isn't enough. Guess she'll have to change her computer business name to "ThreeCatsandaKittenHomeDecor".

8:24 p.m. - 2005-09-11


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