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getting ready to go to the beach!

Tomorrow: beach! Yay! Driving 3.5 hours tomorrow morning to the beach, staying until Wednesday mid-day-ish. There will be much relaxing and reading and playing in the sand and surf and pool.

Today: getting ready. Getting stuff together, going to MalWart to get flipflops for JE, pick a prescription at the drugstore for D, going to the grocery store to exchange peanut butter for peanut butter crackers (someone was less than specific when writing things on the grocery list).

I still haven't decided if I'm going to take my laptop or not, I don't think there's connectivity in the room, so I'd have to go find an internet cafe, and I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. Besides, we're taking our cellphones and we have unlimited access with those (no roaming, no longdistance charges) so would be able to keep in touch with D and Ed if necessary. I think probably no laptop. I'm only going to be gone for one full day and 2 partial days.

For some reason, I'm putting off buying my Journalcon airplane tickets. Why is that? I've made my reservations for the hotel, and registered at the con site, but both of those are fully refundable if I change my mind about going. Airfare isn't refundable. So why would I change my mind about going? I'm not sure. Money, possibly. Energy, possibly.

Speaking of Ed, I didn't hear from him at all yesterday, he's at the coast checking on his trailer there, after Ophelia went through the other day. He wasn't sure if he's going to still be there when we're there, so it's still unknown if I'll get to see him there or not. I'm guessing not. I think his wife is there this weekend, and if so, then probably not.

Kitten update: they're doing fine, although they all have runny poop, so that's fun for C and Susan. They've switched their food to wet canned kitten food (from kitten chow) and water (from kitten milk replacement), so hopefully that will clear up the runny poop. The website that they consulted said runny poop can be fixed by feeding food with less fiber and less fat. But they are all eating fine now, and they are soooooo cute and sweet and playful. If you just got here, you can see pictures here.

JE's goldfish are now on their final journey to the sea. They became ex-goldfish Thursday night overnight. We don't know why. However, we're working through the pain of the loss..... ok, we're over it now. We cleaned out the tank yesterday with bleach, washed the gravel and plants and filter, and are now letting it rest. Will fill it with water before we leave for the beach and let it rest some more for the water to stabilize or whatever it needs to do. Then, when we get back, or next weekend, we'll get some tropical fish, N thinks about 5 or so. She's had tropical fish before, and thinks they're more interesting than goldfish. I personally have never had fish before, so haven't formed an opinion one way or the other.

I received a book the other day from titletrader, which it turned out I had read three and a half years ago. Duh me. I didn't check my bookcrossing bookshelf before I requested it. And then, the next day, I received 3 books from SFBC, one of which I had read just ONE year ago. Again, didn't check before I ordered it. That one, I'm returning for credit when I get back from the beach. The first one, I just relisted it on titletrader as available for swapping. However, I've learned from my mistakes, and will now check my bookcrossing bookshelf BEFORE I order a book from ANYwhere.

I think that's about all for now. Shower, more caffeine, then errands probably.

7:03 a.m. - 2005-09-18


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