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I just talked to Ed on the phone a little while ago, and he asked me, what fun things did you do this weekend? I couldn't think of anything we'd done, exciting or not, except go to Costco. Which really was more on the not-exciting end of things than otherwise. However, I did read a really hot book, skin deep 2: real-life lesbian sex stories. Very good. Very hot. Read it all this afternoon, and finished it JUST in time to give it to C when she and Susan came to pick up Susan's grandson. About halfway through it, I came in here, and sent this email to Ed:

Hi Daddy......

I got some more books in the mail last week from one of the bookclubs I'm a member of. The one I'm reading now is called Skin Deep 2. Lesbian erotic short stories, true stories.

Needless to say.... they're very hot.

And so am I. You have been warned.

Be prepared on Wednesday. Because I'll be ready for you, and I've been saving up.

your Kitten :)

When I talked to him on the phone a little later, he hadn't seen my email yet, but I told him about the book, and how he'd better be ready for me on Wednesday. He hurt his hand this weekend, had to go get stitches (4 in the palm of his right hand), but he said it doesn't hurt. I said, you'll just have to wear a glove on Wednesday, because I will NOT be denied (I didn't say exactly that, just about the glove). We missed two Wednesdays, so it will have been 3 weeks by this Wednesday.

He really really wants to see NS's titties, and he thinks I should be the one to express that desire for him, since he doesn't know her as well as I do.

He also really really wants to watch me making out (and more) with another girl. But neither of us know anyone who might be interested.

If NS's teeth weren't so bad, I might consider making out with her and letting him watch, but I just can't even conceive of kissing her. Superficial, maybe..... but I can't help the way I feel about it. Regardless, it would have to be up to her and to D. I'm hesitant to even tell her he wants to see her tits, because I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable around him. I'd rather his desire go unsatisfied.

5:29 p.m. - 2005-09-25


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