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Well, it's going VERY well with the parental units (which is from The Coneheads from an old Saturday Night Live skit, not from the Borg, btw, MT :). Right now, I'm sitting out on the deck with two kittens running around amusing themselves climbing all over everything and scampering around cutely. I have my computer (obviously) and a book, but mostly I'm watching them. Today C and Susan came over about noon with the kittens and took JE off to the beach. I think we got the better deal in that trade. ;)

I picked up the parents at the airport (I HATE THE C TERMINAL!!!) and we dropped off their stuff at the hotel and brought them back here, after picking up JE at daycamp. NS had made chicken cacciatore in the crockpot which was yummy. After we ate, we (adults) sat around the table talking about lots of stuff, including books and it turned out that my mom and NS have read a lot of the same books, so they had that in common, and they all seemed to get along really well, so it's all good. I took them back to their hotel about 8:00 or so.

Today, they called for a shuttle pickup (me) about noon, and about the same time, C and Susan came and went. I brought them back to the house and we hung out on the deck with the kittens for an hour or so, to let them play and explore the deck with supervision, and fed them (the kittens) and then put them back in their big portable cage and went out to do some sightseeing. I think we left the house about 2:30ish. Dad wanted to go to the big new mall, so we did, and the ladies went to the Williams Sonoma store, and the men went to the Bose and Brookstone stores. Dangerous places, all of them. However, the men spent a LOT more money than the ladies did. My dad bought D's Xmas present early.... a TEACŪ NXT Flat Speaker CD/MP3 Music System. It looks pretty cool. At the Williams Sonoma store, I found a talking remote thermometer for the oven which I showed my mom and told her it would make a good present for the cook in the family. NS pretended she hadn't heard anything about it.

Then we drove around campus to get a brief overview of where D's unsuccessful PhD program took place, 7 years ago. It's really a pretty campus, but they have a shitty disabled students policy.

After all that, we went over to the yummy gifts and presents store, and didn't even get 1/4 of the way through it before my mom decided that it would probably be a good idea not to look around anymore because she could spend waaaaay too much money and time there. She did however buy me and NS some loose green tea of different flavors, and some tea bag thingies to put them in, as well as some samples of several different flavors of prebagged green tea. And promised to send us samples of different teas with the monthly biscotti shipment. She works part time in a spice store, and said they have about 150 different kinds of tea there. Yum!

After that store, then we went to our favorite Tennessee BBQ place, and had ribs and pulled pork and chicken and more ribs and beef brisket and it was all yummy. And my parents paid. Which I thought they probably would. Which was nice, because the total bill was about $83, including 3 glasses of wine for the father, 1 for the mother, and a Corona apiece for me and NS. D only drank rootbeer, and said he would be the designated driver. We had the same somewhat swishy waiter as the last time we went there, and got taken very good care of.

Since I started writing this, D and I have gotten the kittens inside and up into JE's room for the night, in their big cage where they sleep. They have water, food and a litterbox in there, so they're down for the night. MCat is very curious about what's in that room, but the door is shut, and I hope she hasn't figured out how to open it. PCat on the other hand is zonked out here on my bed, and has no idea there are interlopers.

The tour yesterday, of the house, was interesting. I showed my mom my room first, with all my books, then JE's room, where JE was showing Dad HIS computer, then the master bedroom. In that order, and with those designations. Leaving it up to her to figure out who sleeps in the master bedroom. I think it was pretty obvious, in a subtle way. If she didn't figure it out.... then she's not as smart as I thought.

She did figure out that C and Susan are a couple, without me saying it, so I have a feeling she's figured out what's what here in this house. I have a cousin who is a lesbian, and she and her wife have two kids, they each had one, and both were from the same sperm donor, so the kids are half brother and sister, even if none of them have met the father. Which I think is just pretty cool. This cousin is the daughter of the aunt and uncle who went on the cruise from LA to Miami with my parents, through the Panama Canal. That's how they ended up on this side of the world to visit us.

So anyway, it's all going very well, low stress, low expectations, no real schedule, and no pressure. And the house needed to be cleaned anyway, as did the car, which is why we had them both cleaned on Thursday. :)

8:28 p.m. - 2005-09-30


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