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good weekend...

Parents departed yesterday, and all agreed that it was a very successful and enjoyable visit. Saturday we drove around the other big university campus, and then walked around in their gardens a little bit and looked at all the trees and bushes and plants there (which were all labeled, luckily, because I would have NO idea what they all were). Went to a downtown mall my dad had read about in the visitor guide he picked up and had cold drinks because it was pretty toasty out on Saturday. The weather cooperated fully all weekend, cool nights and warm days, sunny and nice, but not too too hot. Then came back to the house and chilled for a while till it was time to go have dinner at our mexican restaurant, which, of course, and as usual, was yummy-licious. Back to the house, wine for the parents, a rum smoothie for me and NS (we didn't have enough tequila to make margaritas), and conversation. Took them back to the hotel about 7:30, and I was in bed by 9:30 I think.

Sunday, picked them up at the hotel at 10:45, took them to see my workplace and show them what we sell, which is pretty cool and impressive (and expensive!). Then to the airport, hugs goodbye, reaffirmation of a good time, and they were off.

C and Susan got back about 4, bringing JE and taking the kittens with them (sniff!! they are sooooo cute and sweet and purrous and 6 weeks old-ish, I could just eat them up!). Then we headed over to see the Jeopardy College Championship finals being taped, which was way cool. That got done about 7pm, and we headed out to return home and stopped at BK for dinner about 8. We got home a little after 9, and I read for a while and finished my book (The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier) and went to bed.

This morning, I'm feeling a little groggy, not sure why. Maybe because I took 2 Neurontin at bedtime because I didn't take one at dinner. Like I could go back to sleep or something. But I'll be ok when I get my shower. I felt like this one day last week too, for the same reason, I think.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll get to talk to Ed today at work, hoping he'll call me and we'll be on for Wednesday. I have no reason to think we won't. :)

Oh, it was the weekend for water on the floor too. The washing machine has started spewing water on the floor in the rinse cycle, so we have a call in to HomeShield about that. And the big freezer got the door left a little open yesterday and defrosted. :( When I put the leftover chicken cacciatore in there, the phone cord on top must have gotten caught in the door. Not sure how much we're going to have to throw out.

So, off to Monday-ing I go.

6:29 a.m. - 2005-10-03


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