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Is it Friday already? How the heck did that happen?

I had a dream this morning that it was my birthday (it's not) and when I went to work, the Kitten Kube was all decorated up with Halloween decorations for my birthday.

Monday got better after I showered and drove in to work, I think I woke up finally. Tuesday, the washer guy came and said the washer wasn't broken, but it still overflows, so we called Homeshield again. Wednesday, had therapy with Ed which was lovely, except I couldn't wash the towels which I soaked, so N and I took a load of laundry over to C's after Ed left and washed it there and played with kittens for a couple hours. I just put the towels in the dryer so they wouldn't get yukky. Yesterday, the washer guy came back and said, it's a clog. (how the hell did a SHOE get in there????) Homeshield said, clogs aren't covered. I bought a snake (SNAKE!!!!!) online and picked it up at the store on the way home. Poked it down the drainhole a couple feet, and then it hit a turn or something in the pipe, something immobile, anyway, not a clog, and tested and it still plugged up and overflowed when draining. Gave D a couple plumber numbers that have been here before with Homeshield and he called them and left messages last night.

I foresee a visit to the local laundry-mat in my future, probably tomorrow morning. Just for the washing part, and then bringing home wet clothes and putting them in the dryer. Yuk. I'll have to stop in and see how much a load of laundry costs to wash, and get some quarters I guess. Unless they're technologically advanced and I can use my debit card or something cool like that. I actually saw a vending machine a couple weeks ago somewhere that I could use a debit card in. How cool is that?!?!

I have been having a HELL of a time getting up this week. Hitting snooze 3 and 4 times. 5:30 wakeup just isn't working for me.

A guy from an email group I used to be part of, like 10 years ago, contacted me via email a couple days ago, which was cool. This email group is where I met MT. This guy, JS, lives in San Francisco and is a cop. He just wanted to say hi, how's it going?

Things we MUST do this weekend: laundry, clip dognails, clip catnails, make chili with the chuck steak that's not good for anything else. And also, NAP. READ. Obviously.

6:24 a.m. - 2005-10-07


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