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gonna be a busy 2 weeks, I think....

The plumber was successful Friday morning in clearing the clog, using magic plumber chemical warfare and an electric snake (SNAKE!!!) and it only (only!) cost $125, so we did about 7 loads of laundry yesterday and all is well again, laundrywise. No laundromat visit was required. Hooray!

Less than 2 weeks now till Journalcon 2005 in San Diego, I have my airline tickets bought, I have my hotel registration bought, I have my convention registration bought. I'm flying out of here on Friday morning the 21st, arriving in SD about noonish, then getting not enough sleep for 2 days and flying out of SD to here at 11ish Sunday morning.

And on that Wednesday, we're going to the state fair. But not just to go to the fair, we're going to go see BILL ENGVALL, one of our favorite comedians. For $8/ticket!!!!!!!!! He's a headliner, we'd pay a LOT more than that to see him. Can not WAIT!

That Wednesday is going to be a busy day, I've put in for the day off. I have a neuro appt at 10:45, therapy at 12:30, and then the fair after JE gets home from school and Bill Engvall AT the fair at 7:30. I'm pretty sure I also originally asked for Thursday off, when I was planning on going to SD a day earlier than I ended up making my plane reservations for, so I may have a long weekend before I go. :)

This coming Wednesday, the 12th, I'm having dinner at 6 with my ex-boss and ex-coworker JG at a Japanese steak house. That's AFTER therapy, of course.

Oh, and a week from today? Def Leppard in concert. Did I mention I won tickets from a radio station a couple weeks ago? Yeah.

On the schedule for today? CLIP DOG NAILS. It's a dog nail EMERGENCY. If we don't do it today, we run the risk of them starting to prance on their nails like little yappy dogs.

Also, going out to the lawyer client's office to install a hard drive, a USB hub, and perhaps go to the Super MalWart out there for a lunch bag for JE.

And, I've been given an assignment for J'Con by weetabix, to read the diaries of all the attendees and collect gossip for a panel Sunday morning, so people can try to guess who the gossip is about. Gee, an excuse to read the diaries of all the J'Con attendees. What's not to like? ;)

9:02 a.m. - 2005-10-09


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