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weekend already? wtf?

Yes, yes, I know, 5 days, I'm a slacker. There hasn't been much of note going on. About the only thing that's happened other than work, sleep and reading, was on Wednesday when I had dinner with my ex-boss-lady and my friend JG at a Japanese steakhouse. We got to catch up on everything, and had some really good Japanese food. And I got home in time to watch Lost, so it was all good.

Tonight, going to the Def Leppard concert with AR, co-worker who helped me win the tickets from the radio station. Which will be way fun. I may be deaf tomorrow though. ;)

Tomorrow afternoon was supposed to be the kitten exchange, but little Angel kitten isn't doing so well. C and Susan took her to the vet on Thursday, and the vet said it was probably a herpes infection in her eye, and a secondary infection in her something else, but this morning, she's doing MUCH worse, and they're taking her back to the vet at 9:30, and said she's definitely not in good enough shape to meet new people and dogs and cats and babies tomorrow, so that's off for now. I'm waiting to call the prospective adoptive parent till after they get back from the vet so I can give her a full report on the status of Angel kitten.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. Work is going well, staying busy. Ed was at the coast all week, so therapy was cancelled on Wednesday, he just came back last night. Maybe, since my Sunday is now freed up, we can get together tomorrow for a bit. JE got his progress report yesterday from the 1st quarter, straight A's and Satisfactories, which is wonderful. Good job by him! He's a smart kid, that's for sure.

We bought a bunch of window stik-ees online last night for Halloween to put up on the sliding glass door here in the computer room, and I also saw that N had bought a halloween flashlight from somewhere else for JE which is apparently a surprise, because I only saw it on the invoice, not the actual item itself.

Has been cool nights, so windows open, and I pulled my little down blanket out of the closet this morning at 5:30 and snuggled up under it and went back to sleep, which was totally lovely, I must say. Highly recommended.

8:44 a.m. - 2005-10-15


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